"Sans-Titre" (France)

After the ICC, in France, we had the "Jose Bove" fashion as you may know. For a small antiMcdonald's action, there was a big wave of all kind of organisation mixed with the massmedia effect. So now, Bove appear as spokeperson of the so called "social movement" ( specially against the globalisation) and that represent quite a lots of people, organised in associations or trade union in a way pretty hierarchical, and that are not within the hallmarks of PGA. ( specially about the direct action, or against the lobbying.). Just on the beginning we tried, with a very small number a people and group (basically three groups: Toulouse, Dijon, and Longo mai-Forcalquier) to keep working, on the basis of either PGA hallmarks and/or ICC manifesto. We were in a pretty difficult situation, since the Bove fashion was dominating all the spectrum, all the debate, even if we could have seen that this fashion was reducing the point of debate we were reaching at the end of the ICC.

And we began, around one year ago to publish a buletin, that in the beginning was aimed as tool for information on different action that were taking place around the world, as well as presenting different concrete alternativ that could exist. Step by step, we were building up more contacts and we decided to make the Anticapitalistic caravan, for the IMF/WB summit in Prague. During two months we went in 20 town in France (A kind of wide France, since we went as well to Geneva and Bruxelles), doing street theater, debate, forum, video, exposition...
We were surprised of the dynamics created by this caravan.
Now we are present in much more town, more or less all around the France.
We had our hallmarks that were directly inspired by the PGA one. But we are on the point to change thoses hallmarks. We are in a process of discussion to have more precise hallmarks, that are more close of what we think, and the way we act. This need of changing the hallmarks came on the same moment that the Buletin was changing as well. We are now publishing a buletin with more theorical or political analisis (and that, even if we are feeling that we need to go much more further, much more deeper in those analisis). The last issue (# 7) is just published.
So, "Sans Titre" is now a network present in all the country, even if we are still pretty weak, not big number a people but with quite a lots of energy. Another particularity of us, is that we are concentrated into the local alternativ on the same importance than into the confrontation with the system. Even if there is individuals or groups that are not located into a local alternativ, most of the people are living on another way than the traditionnal paid job.
that's about it.

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