Global action, 30th of november 1999 in

Cologne, Germany

"Did you already buy for at least 50 DM? - otherwise get out of the shopping paradise"

All about the "Fair Minimum Expenses" here:

The ShoppingCenterService is from now on in every shopping center in Germany, mainly Cologne. Yesterday they start to inform the shopping clients that they have to spent at least 50 DM during the first half an hour, otherwise the ShoppingCenterService have the duty to send this people out of the center. The base of the FME are results of the pre-negotiations of the WTO-meeting. The start of the Millenium Round in Seattle on the 30th of november is also the start of the FairMinimunExpenses (FME). The City of Cologne supports the idea of the WTO and was intending this new idea to rescue the econmy of Cologne - Safe the economy of Cologne - know.

There was a small demonstration outside the shopping centers - No to the unsocial FME - NO to the WTO

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