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S28 Jail solidarity actions

Demonstration if front of the ministery of interior

While and after S26 more than 800 people have been arrested. To get them free there have been a lot of jail solidarity actions. One of the biggest was on S28 in the morning at the ministery of interior. The Samba band of the S26's Pink March, as well as the Infernal Noise Brigade (INB) made much noise...

People, not Profit - or in Czech: Lide ne Zisk was one of our most favoured slowgans this day ... (as well as in the whole week here in Prague)

Riot Police

... and people (about 60) get arrested again...

Beyond we gathered at he opposite site of the ministery of interior, in the Letna park, accompaigned by the Infernal Noise Brigade with its drummers. We made a collection for the czech arrested (they where the majority).
Photo: nude protestors

another jail solidarity demonstration in the downtown of Prague, S28 afternoon (The Samba Band has been with us again...)

myself arrived at the starting point of this demo together with a few friends (from Italy and Germany) singing and dancing the whole way. From now on - after I saw how innocent peoples got arrested in front of the ministery of interior - my emmotions did have been untenable ...

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