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Protests Planned At G8 Ministerial Meetings
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Breaking News: 16th March: Ban on Derby M17 Marches Approved

In the run up to the this summer's July G8 Summit in Gleneagles (Scotland), ministers from the eight more powerul economies are holding their 'mini-summits' around the country.

11th March: While the Employment Ministers of the G8 nations were meeting in London, activists staged a protest outside the Department of Trade and Industry and other locations [see report and pics 1 | 2 | 3]. Also see www.nodeal.org.uk for background and press release.

14-15th March: Coinciding with the International Energy and Environment Ministers' Roundtable meeting in London (see DEFRA link) a Climate Change Noise Protest was held on Tuesday 15th. Amidst heavy police security there were two arrests. See Reports 1 | 2 and Pictures.

On Monday an Alternative Summit for Climate Justice called Moving Beyond the Greenwash was also held in London.

March 17-18th sees the G8 Environment and Development Ministers Meeting in Derby. On Thursday 17th March a Critical Mass Bicyle Protest and Street Party is planned against global famine, climate change and oil wars. Other planned G8 Ministerial meetings include the G8 Finance Ministers in London (June 10-11th), the G8 Justice & Interior Ministers in Sheffield (June 16-17th), and the G8 Pre-Summit Foreign Ministers meeting in London (23rd June). For more protests and events follow the 'read more' link...

"Ok men, make sure you photograph every last one of them....

An evolving list of events and protests related to the G8 Summit can be found at:

Other Events

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