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2 arrests at Noise demo
x | 15.03.2005 16:19 – http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/03/306657.html

see press release on arrests!

The Ministers For Greenwash would not enter in to a dialogue with the protestors outside. When the BBC turned up they sent out a greenwash spokesman after having two people arrested ( one for filming and one for carrying a megaphone I believe ).

They obviously realise we know their market based climate solutions are, in a word, bollocks, in 3 words racist colonial bollocks - whether it's rubbing their hands in glee at the money to be made from road contracts, airport expansion, carbon credit casinos, or convergence industialisation of non-overdeveloped countries. therefore they wish to silence ANY other voices. Why? GREED and ARROGANCE ( and more than a little stupidity...)

Full report and pictures soon.

The prisoners have been taken to cop shop on Wood Street.

Go to Derby and tell em how you feel on thursday!( M17 street aprty )

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