Anti-NATO - Invitation to he international meeting in Prague

War-makers are going back to Prague... What about anarchists?

At least 43 heads of states, including Mr. Bush and probably Mr. Putin as well, and about 5.000 ministers, officials and another VIPs are going to Prague on November 21-22. These days the NATO summit is taking place there, first time in former Eastern Block ever.

We, Czech organising anarchist, very hesitate what to do. Knowing well that a tactics of a massive anticapitalist demonstration has its limits and that this kind of action is a question of a debate worldwide we are thinking whether try to prepare it or not.

In the meantime we agreed that our priority is not to prepare theatrical action, but take the NATO meeting as an opportunity for information campaign between Czech people, spreading information about NATO and our alternative. We also agreed that street action(s) (in case there will be any) should not be contrary to our (educational) aim.

Having some experiences with preparing of massive street protest against IMF/WB meeting in Prague in 2000 we know that this kind of action demand a lot of effort, time, money and also people. But Czech anarchist movement is weak to do so. We are in the lack of people and money and regard our presence between people as far more important then one (even big) street action.

Because of this quandary we decided to call international meeting about this event. We would like to hear opinions of anarchist from another countries and discuss about form of possible anti-NATO action in November. If you are interested in this issue, please come. The meeting is taking place on March 9 with chance to continue on March 10 when it is needful.

Please contact us for details:

Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation
Organisation of revolutionary anarchists - Solidarity
Feminist Alliance of March 8

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