Global Season of Struggle   (português)

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"...The money king is only an illusion. Capitalism is blind and barbaric. It poisons the water and the air. It destroys everything. And to the U'wa, it says that we are crazy, but we want to continue being crazy if it means we can continue to exist on our dear Mother Earth."

The U'wa indigenous people, after oil corporation Oxy was forced to withdraw from their land. Colombia, May 3rd 2002.

Several global mobilisations that will take from the 16th of September to the end of the year call on all people and movements to confront capitalism, militarism, racism, sexism, religious fundamentalism, environmental degradation and all controls and limitations on the freedom of communication and movement of human beings. We encourage you to link any actions that you undertake during this time to our mobilisations and all struggles against oppression. If you haven't planned any action so far for these months, then we invite you to act in solidarity.

Global days of action against capitalism have successfully challenged the legitimacy of many centralised power structures. Anti-capitalist networks have damaged the reputation and exposed the violence inflicted by despotic institutions and agreements. However, we need more than just actions against specific institutions in order to undermine all forms of domination and oppression. Fear is the main weapon that the global elites use to legitimise themselves and strengthen their stranglehold on the necks of all people who are poor, non-white or working for social change. If we fail to confront and offset that fear, especially in the wake of 0911, we will face an accelerated transformation towards outright fascism fuelled by powerful economic interests.

Autonomous, decentralised global actions combine our strengths and creativity around the world, but now is the time to connect protests and actions against specific dimensions of the web of oppression and show their interdependence. We therefore call on all people who value life and freedom to participate in a season of global decentralised actions against oppression. We have chosen the period between the 16th of September (peasant mobilisation in Colombia) through the end of September (WEF meeting in Salzburg and WB/IMF meeting in Washington), end of October-beginning of November (FTAA Summit in Quito), the 22nd of November (end of NATO summit in Prague) and the global disobedience day (21st December, anniversary of the Argentinean uprising) for this experiment of intense global emancipatory action. This is just one of many more steps towards the growing globalisation and interconnection of struggles, which should reinforce the construction of local alternatives. We expect this season of actions to contribute to relations of mutual support and to the broadening of perspectives after the 22nd of November.

For this to happen, we ask you to:

Dates and more Info:

Sept 14-17, Salzburg (Austria) and Bern (Switzerland): Resistance against the global elite of the World Economic Forum and

Sept 15-27, all over the world: Car Free Fortnight - Days of action to reclaim the streets.

Sept 16, Bogotá (Colombia): Peasant Strike and March on the Capital (Colombia Info)

Sept 21, Berlin (Germany): Final action of the Caravan for the rights of migrants and refugees

Sept 25-27, Washington DC (USA): Strike of non-compliance and resistance and actions against the Annual Meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. | |

Oct 5-15, Nevada (USA): Actions for Nuclear Abolition.

Oct 10-12, Brussels (Belgium): Hearing against Coca-Cola and Launch of Coca-Cola boycott in Europe.

Oct 12: International Indigenous Day. In Latin America: Grito de los Excluídos.

Oct 13: International Action Day against Migration Management - For Freedom of Movement: in front of offices of the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) and elsewhere:

Oct 18, all over the world: Media Democracy Action Day.

Oct 27 - Nov 1, Quito (Ecuador): Convergence to resist the ALCA/FTAA summit. and (Ecuador Info)

Nov 6-10, Florence (Italy): Autonomous Space at the European Social Forum (ESF)

Nov 10, all over the world: Day of action against Shell on 5th Anniversary of "judicial murder" of Ken Saro Wira and 8 other Ogoni activists.

Nov 15-17, Fort Benning (Georgia, USA): Action to shut down the School of the Americas - a military training school for Latin American death squad leaders and military dictators.

Nov 21-22, Prague (Czech Republic): actions against NATO Summit. and

Dec.: EU Summit in Copenhagen.

Dec 21: Global Action Day on the anniversary of the civil society uprising in Argentina.

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