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USA Anti-FTAA Caravan:
Quebec comes to you!
please get in touch
February 12 to March 3

[Please read and get in touch if you still want a stop in your area. Also, please note below our efforts to secure Latin American speakers, including two activists from Colombia, and a political refugee from Mexico who is an activist with the CLAC in Montreal. If their participation in the caravan is to happen, we need you help.]

Between February 10 to March 3, members of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) and the Summit of the Americas Welcoming Committee (CASA) in Quebec will be undertaking an anti-FTAA, anti-capitalist caravan to the Northeastern United States. This tour follows on similar caravans to Ontario last October, as well as the Eastern provinces of Canada. Both groups are actively involved in grassroots mobilizations against the upcoming Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, and are organizing for a Day of Action on April 20.

The following is a second call-out for the Northeast USA tour. Plans are coming together for the caravan, but we need local groups to get in touch in order to confirm dates and times if they feel a caravan stop by Quebec-based activists would be useful to their own efforts.

The caravan aims to help and to participate in local mobilization and awareness-raising efforts, ranging from workshops, talks and panels. Topics covered on the Caravan include the FTAA and the Summit of the Americas; resistance in Quebec, Canada and Latin America: the context of capitalist globalization; tactics and strategies in the anti-globalization movement; the "Color of Resistance" (race, racism and representation in the "anti-globalization" movement); the People's Global Action (PGA) network; Plan Colombia; solidarity between resistance struggles; as well as specific information about actions in Quebec City in April. One overarching theme of our caravans is: "It didnt start in Seattle, and it isn't going to stop with Quebec City." While are focussed on organizing and mobilizing for the Quebec City Summit, we are just as focussed on local awareness-raising efforts and actions.

Schedule of the Tour
February 12: Vermont
February 13: Western Mass
February 14: Western Mass
February 15: Rhode Island/Boston
February 16: Boston

February 17: Boston
February 18: Boston

February 19: Buffalo
February 20: Rochester/Syracuse
February 21: Syracuse/Albany
February 22: Albany/Connecticut
February 23: New York

February 24: New York
February 25: New York

February 26: New Jersey/New York/Connecticut
February 27: Philadelphia
February 28: Philadelphia/New Jersey/West Virginia/Baltimore
March 1: Washington/Baltimore
March 2: Washington
March 3: travel to Montreal

IMPORTANT NOTE: At present, there are three confirmed participants on the tour, who are all members of either the CASA in Quebec City or the CLAC in Montreal (between us, we're fluent in French, Spanish and English). We are still working on adding at least one Latin American speaker on the tour, which was an essential part of our previous caravans. Unfortunately, this time, the border presents difficulties for our Latin American members who are in Canada as refugees, and can't easily travel.

One option is Oscar Carillo Arroyo, who was an organizer of the strike at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and now resides in Montreal as a political refugee, where he is active with the CLAC. For Oscar to travel to the USA, he needs a Minister's Permit from the Canadian government. To get that permit, he needs written invitations from groups and institutions (such as universities). Please get in touch at 514-526-8946 or if you can help with this.

Another option is two speakers from the Black Communities (PCN) of northern Colombia as part of an effort supported by People's Global Action (PGA). For this visit to work, we need OFFICIAL INVITATIONS from US groups, as well as help for funding the Colombian speakers. So, if you'd like the opportunity to hear directly from members of the PCN in Colombia, Oscar Carillo Arroyo from Mexico, as well as activists and organizers in Quebec City and Montreal, please get in touch at or leave a message at 514-526-8946. More info on the PCN is available at Plan Colombia

We have already had several confirmations for our caravan. Below is a tentative schedule of our stops. Contact to confirm a stop in your area. If you have already been in touch, please re-contact us so that we can arrange logisitcs, funding and other matters.

[Please note that if we are unable to visit your area this time around, CLAC and CASA members can organize stops later in March on a one-time basis, which is more costly. Two New Hampshire visits are happening as part of our Eastern Canada tour on February 3 and 4. Again, to arrange or confirm a stop, please e-mail us at or phone 514-526-8946.]

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