Grenzcamp 2000

3. antirassistisches Grenzcamp
der Kampagne 'Kein Mensch ist illegal'
vom 29. Juli bis 6. August 2000
in Forst / Brandenburg
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FA Warsaw

Opinion of FA-Warsaw... (english)

...on the relations between FA-Poznan and the anarcho-feminists from Emancypunx

It needs to be stated that FA-Poznan is not a representative of FA (Anarchist Federation) as a whole. All local city sections of the federation have their own particular character, and are fully autonomous. In the opinion of FA-Warsaw, the Poznan group exhibits an excessively liberal approach to some issues, in some cases going beyond attitudes acceptable from a feminist point of view.

It cannot be said however that the FA as a whole is ignorant of feminist issues. To understand the situation, it is necessary to recall that discussion about feminism is a very recent phenomenon in Poland. While being on the western agenda since the 60\\'s, the topic appeared seriously in Poland only after 1989. This is not meant to justify lack of consciousness or appropriate bahaviour, but to give a context to the discussion.

Most members of the FA recognise - at least passively - feminist ideas, and many of FA members have participated as individuals in the organisation of counter-cultural events organised by anarcho-feminist groups, such as the recent Valpurghis Night festival. As FA-Warsaw, we can say that we respect the girls for having created a feminist organisation. It has to be noted however that many of their actions are characterised by a lack of maturity, and selection of inappropriate means. It is not surprising, since their group is a precursor of the anarcho-feminist movement in our country.

The FA has many times expressed its will to cooperate with Emancypunx on a more developed organisational level, but those initiatives were regularily rejected by the Emancypunx themselves. We understand that there is a need for women-only meetings, however we believe there is no possibility of development if the movement remains confined in a hermetical closed circle. The FA is more inclined towards those kinds of feminism which do not try to strengthen the already existing divisions between the sexes.

We believe that the anarcho-feminist organisation still hasn\\'t established clearly it\\'s own direction of development, being influenced by both liberal market feminists, and radical and separatist feminists, without being completely consistent in any of those directions. This is why we still hope for more positive developments, and possible cooperation within the anarchist movement.

We have the impression that the views on the Anarchist Federation as being a bastion of sexism in Poland are slightly exaggerated, to say the least. For different reasons, both because of the passivity of many members FA, and because of the lack of will to cooperate from the Emancypunx side, there have been very few actions for women\\'s rights organised by FA, but the abolishing of discrimination against women still remains one of the organisation\\'s objectives.

We would be happy to have more contacts and cooperation with German comrades, hoping that their visits will not have the character of "interrogation" and "trial" of some strange "revolutionary tribunal", but will contribute to the enhancement of revolutionary consciousness among some members of the Anarchist Federation living in Poznan.

Anarchist Federation - Section Warsaw

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