kolinko | 11/2002
information on the book

A printed version of the kolinko-book: "hotlines - call center | inquiry | communism", an evalution of three years of inquiry and intervention in call centers, has been published in English in October 2002. 5 for 1 book (p+p within UK inc.), 40 for 10 books. Get more information on ordering etc. by writing to: [kolinko.uk@gmx.net]

You can download the CD-image (zip-file/3,3 MByte) which includes: the webversion of the book, a txt-version for printing, other kolinko-texts and the complete hotlines-website, all in English and German. Of course, you can use it for burning a CD... or leave it on your hard-drive and work with it from there. Download it [here].

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