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To friends, people from gropus, and social movements in Europe

We send you (below) the document gathering the intentions of EUR@ACTION HUB PROJECT, that peoples from several colectives and networks (Indymedia, Intergalactika, Chainworkers, Las Agencias, Yomango,Moviment de Resistència Global de Catalunya-Internacional, Comunicacció, Laboratorio Desobediente -España-, Universidad Nómada, Colectivo de Solidaridad con Chiapas, Dinero gratis) have elaborated during a meeting in Barcelona, on october 5th and 6th, about Eurpean Social Forum, that will take place in Florence, from november 6th to 10th.

Since many months ago, from different realities from the continent with antiauthoritarian and asamblearies sensitivities, has being receiving echo the idea to construct in Florence a space that during some time was called "independent". This idea began to take shape during the Noborder Camp of Strasbourg, and it became formaliced in the the European Conference of the People's Global Action. Documents drafted after both encounter have been circulating around numerous mail lists. In both situations we thought that we have to visibilice in Florence a way to make policy that we did not feel reflected in the way ESF operates. Since then, we have not seen totally clarify -mainly for those of us who we are not implied in the Italian reality- the rest of proposals from movements or networks that are trying to form an own space in Florence, should be inside or outside the ESF, or at least the necessary methods have not been implemented to be able to participate actively in the processes of construction of such spaces.

Several groups and colectivs we have met in Barcelona on october 5th-6th, valuing the dificulty/imposibility/inconvenience to implement, because on very diverse reasons, a kind of "omnicomprensive and complex autonomus space" in Florence, as it had being worked in last months. However, we thought that it is essential to work in some kind of specific proposal from our political realities to have a presence in Florence and further on. From this point hub arises: in order to impel a participative route that allows the construction of something common and opened.

The best tool that we have found to implement Hub is a Web page (, whose operation and objectives are explained in the document.

All of you are invited to contact the opened list ( ) with asambleary operation and, we hope, to participate in the path that now we opened.

All of you are invited to propose, prepare (or to help to prepare) workshops o to give any kind of idea (

Hub is your's



From autonomous space to space liberation. First remarks, themes, thoughts on the start of a common, plural path of discussion and creation.

To all individual and collective entities of social activism on the continent Europe,

Today, Sat Oct 5, we held an assembly in Barcelona, celebrated at the same time as the preparatory meeting of the Euro Soc Forum.
The following document has been laid out and approved by consensus by people participating in groups, collectives, squats, social centers, movements, networks such as Indymedia, Intergalactika, ChainWorkers, Las Agencias, Yomango, Movimiento de Resistencia Global de Catalunya, Comunicaccio, Laboratorio Desobediente (Spain), Universidad Nomada, Colectivo de Solidaridad con Chiapas, Dinero Gratis, Ninguna persona es ilegal, etc., etc.

The Barlcelona assembly is the last of a string of documents produced on the possible creation of an "autonomous space" in Florence, written in the euro meetings of Strasbourg (noborder camp) and Leiden (euro conference of People's Global Action).

The first view shared by the assembly is that the constituting process of the autonomous space has stalled.

Participants in the assembly take this point of view, that is common across the many differences and reasonings. At no moment in time we thought of the aut space as a closeminded opposition to the ESF, neither we meant to adhere to a steryle logic of in/out FSE, and above we do not mean to enter in competition or worse in conflict with "other" subjects in the movement.

There is however something else we share, which goes beyond the failure of the aut space as it was conceived: our intention to reflect upon and work on the processes of political production, to the experimentation on forms of expression and communication in the movement.

From this double hypothesis of method/communication (cooperation/new forms of social activism) comes our wanting to build a project in Florence, open to all people and realities who will come together in the occasion of the ESF and thereafter.

The creation of a place of crossover cooperation where common projects and treks can develop, where transversal relations come into being, where bartering practices and ideas, where sharing transnational horizontal networks affirming new social and communication rights, reclaiming public spaces on the net and the city, agitating new conflicts across constituent Europe: all these are fundamental objectives achievable at the ESF in Florence.

We think that the definition of this project is base on these key idea for the proliferation of transnational networks of social activism:

This is why we wanto to reclaim a metropolitan public space to traversed by groups coming from the all of Europe, South America and all participation-based networks enabling mobilitation of communities and activists all over the planet. A space where each subject can develop relationships based on the sharing of a common method on the following content areas:

The method we have in mind has to focus on decentralization, collective decision-making process based on consensus, practice affinity, transparency and full publicity of discussions, decisions and practices that will be used both in the net and in the freed urban space.

We find in communication and in political production one of the aims and at the same time one of the mechanism through which we want to develop this project, as part itself of the activities, actions and contents of the project itself.

We believe that are practices and method that define the nature of a project and of a political proposal in the first place, and we think that the central element of this project is the process in which it has developed and is becoming reality.

Opening spaces as a political element in itself and as catalyst to the multiplication of spaces and relationships among networks and movements.

The network that participated to the meeting have started with proposing some workshop and activities to be hold in this project. These are just proposals and suggestion as how to give birth to a space open to creative spirit and to th eproposals content.

The text is a first step to allow the full deployement of contribution on the part of any group and subjects interested.

A text cannot contain all the multiplicity of the patterns, the poliphony of approach, the plurality of ways that the creation of such a space wants to cross; for this reason we invite everybody to build a patchwork able to draw and colour the space we are thinking and we are trying to realize.

One of the tool everybody will be able to use to give birth to this transnational, open, poliphinc project is the website, a telemativ space as a platform to launch the Euraction Hub.

It is possible to suggest new contribution through the form in the site.

The proposal will be elaborated and facilitated through the use of the mailing list, that everybody can subscribe to the address:

The mailing list is also the distributed contact for any question and curiosity about the project and its developments

The following proposal are meant to still be discussed and developed through a open and interactive process.

We invite everybody interested to contribute, participate, develop this project.

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