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summary from final plenary of the hub, firenze 10.11.02

seif: with all the problems i still learned a lot here to take back with me to palestine. we need to make mistakes otherwise we wont learn.

m.: it's important to look at this past year compared to the one before it. where in the past things were defined by direct action this year we're back to boring demonstrations. there is a dynamic of appropriation of this energy by the esf.

u.: first to mention that we had terrible logistical problems settign up the space and making it function. more people need to come in advance and prepare for this. marcello is right, and though it's difficult to reach a consesnus about the way to relate to these processes, but the hub was an important experiment in doing so. we need to keep doing things like this, as visibly as possible, and also put more energy into real social dynamics and encourage people to self organise around alternatives on the ground.

f.: the ESF is a new process, not just social democracy. there are many young and potentially radical people coming there. we should contaminate it with the networking and horizontal practices.

p.: the esf represents a process of institutionalisation, they take the energy and use it, like in the demo where there wasn't a participatory process of definition. we need to think how we contanminate them. in porto alegre there will be both a yomango dinner and activities in occupied spaces, as well as three days of theoretical and practical laboratories inside the forum.

m.: my experience was basically positive, the difference between the two processes was clearly established. if we did these activities separately inside the esf they would have been swallowed. so we shoudl try be hub, physically, inside next forums. the media centre which was set up by 'our' techies could be a point of entry.

j.: we should sparate our internal dynamics from the intervention. on the latter, we can form alliances woth groups inside trhe esf, with people rather than the organisers. and have communicative actions. we can look at the whole structure of the esf process in europe or weak points in which to enter.sergio: we shoudl begin a longer term discussion of our relations to these processes, also concerning the next esf in france as well as porto alegre. perhaps people in france can convene the discussion of a next hub.

m.-e.: the 20-21/12 global days of action on argentina can re-visibilise direct action groups. inside the forum intergalaktica enabled us to have more contact. a next step is participation in the youth camp in porto alegre. also we need to strengthern and develop connections between north and south as well as east and west.

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