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03.11.1999: Asif in Oberlin (PGA US Caravan)
04.05.2000: Mayday Struggles in Pakistan
09.05.2000: Without Food Death
13.05.2000: 536 People has died without Food
15.05.2000: 262 villages has emptied
17.05.2000: Children for Sale
05.06.2000: drought need help

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Sept 2000

Mayday Struggles in Pakistan

Date. 4-5-2000

Very Dear Partner and friends

In Pakistan Govt. has cancelled the holiday of May day.
In Pakistan many organizations had organized many event and demonstration all over the country, but the govt has finished their all plan through police force and army.

This was the first may the Govt. had not given permission to the labor for demonstration for their rights.

Police has arrested many labor leaders and workers. Even they had arrested hotel and place owners where they had organized the public meetings and demonstrations.

Our organization had also organized Ten big meetings on May Day. After these meetings there were a plan for a big rally but the forces had attack on these meetings and get control on these places.

Now the people, organizations, groups are realising that this Govt. is also same like past Marshal. Army was getting control now they are feeling that they are now in full power and not giving permission to the people for their rights of freedom.

Our organization is collecting media coverage about police control after one or two days we will send these all photos to our friends than they can see what was the condition at May day in Pakistan.

Now people are thinking for their rights and making organization and networking between the groups and organization for future struggle.

Our organization is also planning for a CARAVAN in July and Aug.

This is situation in our country under army controle.



Date. 9-5-2000

Dear Humanitarians.
Dear Partner & Friends

People Need Food.
I need your most attention, I hope you will read this message with deep attention.
In Pakistan's provinces Blouchistan, Sind and South Punjab's most of Areas are very effected due to DROUGHT. In these areas there is no Rain since three years.

Now the situation is very dangerous. 0.5 Million Animals has died due to drought.
Five Million people have get very indescribable effects.
Now these people and animal has no food. They are in the mouth of death now days.
There is no way to save them with out any food. They are human being; these are live but near to death.
Blouchistan has 26 district but now Govt. of Pakistan has declared 22 district OPPRESSED BY CALAMITY.
People are waiting for even only One bread and One Glass water.
Also diseases are attacking on the people. There is no medicine available.
Peoples are shifting from their villages to another villages in search of food and water. But in other villages the situation is same.
Every day 10 to 15 people are getting death.

This is very small message for all friends.

We need your help to provide them food water and animal grass.

Our organization will request to you please if you can arranges some help from your organization, institution than it would be better. It is not possible than you can provide some help from your own pocket. It cans only One bread or very small amount.
You can send Cooking oil, wheat, cloths, medicine, and used medicine also, you can send any other thing, which can help to those people.
You can donate only 5, 10 or 15 US $.
Please don't think so long, it is time to act in big or very short position but in harry.


Date. 13-5-2000

Dear Humanitarians

536 People has died with out food.
Temperature of these areas now a days in 47 to 53 centigrade.
Now a day in Pakistan's area Sind, Thar and Cholistan are facing hunger problem.
In these areas there is a Hunger role. Every where people are searching for food. This is worst drought of the past history. There had been no rain since three years.
From this problem 5 million people and 63 villages are effected only in Thar area.
Due to drought only in three weeks 536 people has died and more than 1589 Animal also has died.
In nine months 0.3 million animal has died due to Hunger and lack of water. 0.8 million people have shifted from their houses to new place for searching of food.
Due to sick in this year the death rate has increase 34%. The people are selling their animal only on 35 to 50 % price because they need food.
Due to this situation three prominent personality has died due to lack of water and food. They were visiting these areas to look the real situation but in middle of this area their vehicle had get problem then they started there travel by foot. But with in 28 KM they had not found the water and Mr. Khalil Labar HAD DIED. He was Ex Provincial Assembly Member. In other case Mr. Malik Aslam has died who was also visiting that area.
Now Govt. has announced that it will sale wheat only Rs.5 per Kg (10 Pence) only, but people has no amount. Then how they can buy this. Some organization are making pressure on Govt. provide food free. But also Govt. has not enough resources.
We need our friends help.
Please send you food, medicine donation AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

BBC's corespondent has also visited these areas and highlighted in their Urdu News at 10 May. The corespondents of BBC news had interviewed with many people and also see the people and animal dead bodied. Even people have no money to arrange the funeral ceremony of dead bodies.

We will request to humanitarian please think on this and arranges some food and other things from your organization if it is not possible than you can arrange from your personal pocket it can be only 5, 10 or 15 US$.

Yours truly,

Asif Rasheed

262 villages has emptied

Date. 15-5-2000

Dear Humanitarian

262 Villages has emptied.

Under the 49 Centigrade temperature people did not find any food and they left their villages. They have shift from Mithi, Deploo, Jhachroo, Nagar par, Zangi and many other villages. Now they are entering in Noshki, Khuzdar and some other cities.
From Cholistan the people are also shifting fastly in new places.
But now 0.2 million SQ Km area' people are facing same condition.
Now only in three districts people have left their villages. These villages are 262.
In new places they are also facing same problem because the food is also not available in these areas.
Only in Five districts Quiata, pusheen, Chagi, Qila Abdula and Lora lie 5,16,588 people have effected from current drought. Remember 22 district have effected in only Blochistan province. Sind Province and South Punjab Cholistan are separate from this figure. You can see the dangerous situation of effected people.

Area Name Effected People Animal Died
Quiata 72438 30956
Pusheen 10,2922 53915
Chagi 3,69523 83540
Qila Abdula 87,228 3,56157
Lro Lai 96,534 5,55437
RahimYar khan 3,87639 1,48931
Liaqat Pur 1,53647 2,49604
Khan pur 57,802 830291
Bawal Pur 2,59498 1,85387
TOTAL 15,87,231 24,94,218

These figure we have collected from only 10 DISTRICTS. But from drought more than 39 districts are effected. Animal dying with out food. In cities where some water is available the people are using only one or two glasses in a who9le day. You can think in 49 degree how people can live.
Well are also drought other canal and waterways are now has been drought since three years. Animals are dying without water and food. Also people are getting very harmful disease through this drought, TB and other.
We also planning to make deep well near to 2000 feet because in these areas water is available in this deep. For digging we rigs we need very big resources.

You know now world is a global village and our help less people are waiting for food and water from our developed country's friends.
We are requesting to all friends please send your donation, food, cooking oil, Animal food AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.



Date. 17-5-2000

Dear Humanitarians


Now this is very sad news for us and also for our friends who are living allover the world. Who love with people? Who want to see the world as a happy and peaceful world?
In Pakistan due to drought now the situation is very indescribable.
Now due to drought People are selling their children. From "District Mastoong" One Thousand Families has shifted to other cities and areas. Now people have no food, you know without food every person cant live so now people need food but due to drought they have no income and no food. They did not want to die so they explore a new way for live.
They are offering to sale their children to the people.
This news makes a very horrible shock to every person. People have negotiated with them but they are insisting that what is other way to get food. They have no resources.
Now many families has sellout they're many children in only US$ 150 TO 300.
Can you imagine? In an area "KALLY KATARY" one father Name is "Sher Khan" has struggling to sale his daughter in only 2000 RS. He wants to purchase only 100KG wheat for remaining family. People have stopped him to sale out his daughter, he reply he say he has no food since one week and they're all animals also died. He has three sons and one daughter. In beginning he is selling out one daughter if after some day he could not arrange food for other than he will sale out other children.

This is not only one area's story but also this a story of more than 765 villages and 23 districts.
People are offering that if any person want to buy child they would sale out.

We are again requesting to our all friends from allover the world please come forward and send some food, animal food water and donation.

In these areas there is also need a Digging Rig please if you have any contact about those organization which can donate Rig for digging inform us.

You know now world is a global village and our help less people are waiting for food and water from our developed country's friends.
We are requesting to all friends please send your donation, food, cooking oil, Animal food AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Any donation please transfers in account.
Current A/c No, CFC/CD/015/$
Name of Account. AWAMI COMMITTEE FOR DEVELOPMENT Bank. United Bank LTD, Hussain Aghahi Multan, Pakistan.

We are waiting for your help.

drought need help

Date 5-6-2000

Dear Friends.

Before three weeks we had request to all friends for the help of drought effected people.
Our organization has collected 23-truck food and other things from our local people of South Punjab.
We were expecting good response from our international friends. But we have received only US $ 175/= from only two friends Evan and Sabri. Our sister organizations were asking about response of fund raising campaign at international. But we didnot inform them because the situation is very hopeless.

This is very surprising for all of us.
The situation of effected area's people are same in Cholistan, but in Blochistan and Sind Thar has got some better changes through the help of Organization, Govt. Nature and also from different people.

World is Global village for Business, politics, exploitation, political cooperation, selling of goods from developed countries to poorest countries, exploiting of poorest countries resources and in many ways BUT FOR THE POOREST HELP THE WORLD IS GLOBAL?

We are now requesting to you that we need near 20 trucks food for ten villages' people in Cholistan.
Can you help for this?
If yes please send your help to us.
Any donations please transfer in under below account.
For Pak RS Account No is 5467
United Bank LTD Corporate Branch Multan Cant, Pakistan.

Current A/c No, CFC/CD/015/$
Name of Account. AWAMI COMMITTEE FOR DEVELOPMENT Bank. United Bank LTD, Hussain Aghahi Multan, Pakistan.

AWAMI COMMITTEE FOR DEVELOPMENT has been working for People empowerment since 12 years. We are also registered with the Govt. of Pakistan.
We have our annually Audit.

If you need more information for us please don't feel any hesitation.
We are expecting a good response from our international humanitarian friends. Because human being has strong relation with every one even they live at any places.

FAX, 92-61-586764

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