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Newsletter 3 - Winter 05


International News

Dissent is a new network, created to build a mobilisation against the G8. The network is based on the Peoples' Global Action Hallmarks, rooted in local and autonomous organising and action, and aims to go beyond the G8. The PGA is a decentralised, non-heirachical, global network of social movements, for a copy of the hallmarks visit www.agp.org

where to find us

Dissent Gathering: We will be having monthly dissent gatherings rotating round the UK as of February, to find the next one visit www.dissent.org.uk

International Networking Meeting: 25th-27th Feb, Tubigen, Germany - for more info contact info-g82005atriseup.net

Festival of Dissent!: A week long gathering in April 05 in Lanarkshire, to plot, scheme and train ready for the G8 South East Regional Meeting: Sat 26th February, ULU, Mallet St, London

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