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Global Resistance 2005: A call to action

Throughout 2005 the institutions of global capitalism will continue to meet, attempting to manage and bring stability to a system that creates war, famine and destroyed ecologies, whilst removing any sense of humanity from all of our lives.

Over the last years, meetings of the institutions have been fiercely contested by the worlds people, providing much needed spaces for more localised, day to day struggles to converge and realise the possibilities that can be unleashed when we begin to co-operate.

From these mobilisation has emerged a global 'movement of movements' that is in many ways unprecedented.

In 2005, across 4 continents resistance to these summits will continue, attempting to learn from and build upon our collective experiences as a global movement and bring us closer towards creating this other possible world so often talked about.

This call is a result of converging at the Caracol Intergalaktika, International youth camp 5th World Social Forum ( Porto Alegre, Brazil)of people involved in building resistance to the April 2005 International Monetary Fund Meeting (Washington DC) , G8 Summit ( U.K in July), Free Trade of the Americas Agreement (FTAA) meeting (in Argentina in November) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial ( in Hong Kong in December).

It is a call for people to support and participate in these mobilisations. To show both political and practical solidarity with those actively resisting the summits, and to organise, and take part in actions coinciding with these events in villages, towns and cities worldwide. Moreover, it is a call for this resistance and these expressions of solidarity to co-ordinate and co-operate amongst themselves, to open up spaces in which we can learn from one another, from our differences as much as our commonalities

Let 2005 be the year in which our resistance becomes truly global!

Assembly of the Caracol Intergalaktika, Porto Alegre, 2005

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