Women Stop GATS

Congress Women stop GATS! in Cologne 2003 (FrauenNetz)
Congress pictures (Arbeiterfotografie)

stop GATS!

Maria Mies: introduction

Maude Barlow
Vandana Shiva

Alice Hodgson: Services without borders? GATS, privatisation and its consequences for women
Irina Moulechkova: Women and privatisation in see region in the context of liberalisation. case studies on the impact of GATS
Helena Norberg-Hodge: Bringing the Food Economy Home
Sarah Sexton: GATS, Privatisation and Health
Vandana Shiva: Bechtel And Blood For Water
Maité Llanos: Argentina, Crisis y mujeres en lucha


Women and Life on Earth
Spinifex Books (Australia)

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