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2006 G8 Summit in St.Petersburg

Network Against G8 (ex-USSR) - basic priciples

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  1. The initiative is aimed against the states, current dominating economic system and all forms of opression.
  2. For the participants of NAG8 any discrimination on basis of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and age is intolerable.
  3. We make decisions by consensus. In case of lack of consensus on some questions groups of NAG8 participants may make their own statements and actions not contradicting these basic principles.
  4. During the preparation of protest actions we are not interested in cooperating with organisations aiming at taking power.
  5. We approve of any methods of resistance, if they are aimed against the rulers but not against the people of G8 countries. Any member of the network is free to choose his / her own tactics.

Contact (in St.Petersburg):

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