PORTO ALEGRE - January 31st 2005
Call from social movements
For mobilizations against the war, neoliberalism, exploitation and exclusion


We are social movements gathered in the 5th World Social Forum. The great success of the plural and massive participation in the Forum gives us the possibility and the responsibility to organize more and better our campaigns and mobilizations, to expand and strengthen our struggles.

Four years ago the collective and global call for ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE broke the lie that neoliberal domination is unavoidable as well as the acceptance of the "normality" of war, of social inequalities, racism, casts, patriarchy, imperialism and the destruction of the environment. As people take this truth as their own their strength becomes unstoppable and it starts materialising in concrete actions of resistance, for demands and proposals.

Therefore what is new about our proposal is the outbreak and the scale of the social movements in all continents and their ability to build within diversity new convergences and common actions at global level.

In that frame, tens of millions of men and women were mobilized in all corners of the world for peace, against the war and the invasion led by Bush against Iraq. Summits like the G8 and the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank, where few intend to decide for everybody, were questioned and de-legitimized by the action of social movements. Popular struggles in defence of nature, the rights of people and the common good, against their privatization, such as in Bolivia, Uruguay and other peoples, demonstrated the possibility of creating a crisis for neoliberal domination. New spaces for political and social struggle were opened to us.

Neoliberalism is incapable of offering a dignified and democratic future to humanity. Nevertheless, nowadays it again takes the initiative responding to its crisis of legitimacy with force, militarization, repression, criminalization of social struggles, political authoritarianism and ideological reaction. Millions of men and women suffer every day. We want here to remember the war in Congo that has already caused four million victims. For all that, another world is not only possible, but necessary and urgent.

Conscious that we still have a long way ahead of us, we call all movements of the world to fight for peace, human, social and democratic rights, for the right of people to decide their destiny and for the immediate cancellation of foreign debt from the countries of the South, from the AGENDA that we share in the 5th World Social Forum:


This is a small demonstration of the struggle of social movements GLOBALISE STRUGGLE, GLOBALISE HOPE!

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