PGA Meeting Minutes: World Social Forum, January 28, 2005

REGIONAL REPORTS (only Latin America, North America and Europe were present):

Latin America:

— Sao Paulo, Brazil — Since the meeting in Porto Alegre in 2003 (at the World Social Forum 2 years ago), Sao Paulo folks have not heard much from others involved in PGA Latin America. They notice two strands that have existed: one being more traditionally organized hierarchical organizations, peasant movements, etc. and the other autonomous groupings of collectives, mostly young people like it exists in Sao Paulo. PGA has not been active in terms of a network. They heard very little about the Latin America PGA meeting that happened in Panama.

— Caracas, Venezuela – There was a PGA-inspired action on October 12th, 2004 which included the toppling of a Christopher Columbus statue in Caracas and solidarity actions in many other cities including in South Africa, Zimbabwe and several in Europe.

Buenos Aires, Argentina – People have taken part in Days of Global Action, more so up until Genoa, but often most people do not know about PGA, they feel no connection to an active network.

— D.F., Mexico – PGA has mostly been active in the Chiapas area and there isn't the networks or resources to connect. Moflex was in a PGA Latin America meeting at the Quito mobilization in 2003, but there were only 6 people, so it didn't really happen.

— Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – have taken part in 6 Global Days of Action and went to the last global meeting in Cochabamba where he felt there was the lack of strategy and analysis for action. They tried to hold a regional PGA meeting in Fortaleza, but there weren't enough resources to get people there. Their collective is not working on 3 projects: a youth collective, homeless/squatters movement, and movement around the violence in the favelas (slums).

In general, consensus seemed to be that Latina America PGA has been ASLEEP.


— There's been no formal PGA N.A. meetings since Amherst, MA, USA in May 2001, though recently there have been many discussions about how to AWAKEN the network in North America once again.

— INFO POINTS: New York City has just announced the creation of a PGA info point and a series of events they will be doing. Philadelphia, PA, USA is in discussion of a new info point as well.

In Montreal, there is a concrete call being circulated for a rejuvination of PGA activities there including an info point, and will be having a meeting Feb. 17th (6:30pm, at the DIRA, 3rd floor, 2033 St-Laurent).

— New groups using/endorsing PGA Hallmarks: Ottawa PGA Block, North East Mutual Aid (a northeast n.america anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist network who adopted the PGA Hallmarks in the spring of 2004), and others.

— California has been quiet in terms of PGA since the fading away of DAN (Direct Action Network)

— Discussions about Global Meeting in September in Nepal, but no decisions or decision-making process made.

— Lacked reports from regions of N.America other than the northeast and california area.


— July Belgrade PGA Europe conference had a long complicated preparation process, but a lot came together despite the small local group hosting the conference.

— The Winter conference still needs new conveners, the Global meeting will be the main subject.

— Caravan from Belgrade to Nepal was discussed at July conference beginning 2 months before.

— Chain Refl-Action was another idea that came out of the July Belgrade meeting: to explain struggles, reflect, and take action in a chain reaction from one locale to another, more info on the list:

— Upcoming PGA actions in Europe: Mayday (May 1st), April 2nd meeting of "Precariadxs Europexs" (translation? precarious people of europe) and Migrant Action Against Jails, and July 6th actions against the G8 in Scottland called by Dissent (other meetings happened to plan this global day of action throughout the Caracol Space in the WSF).


— No one present to report, but preparation has begun for the WTO meetings in Hong Kong in December 2005 focussing on climate change issues.

— Global Meeting in September in Nepal, info points will be gathering funds $$$, more fundraising needed esp. from N.America and Europe.


There was a general discussion about re-thinking PGA, how days of global action could be reformulated to be more useful to local struggles. Discussion had to be postponed due to conditions. Get on the global listserv to continue: or send a blank email to:

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