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By PALA , NDLF - Tamil Nadu 17/01/2004 At 07:39

WSF is a stooge of Imperialism. It should be exposed. The ideology and politics of WSF, the imperialist-guided manoeuvres of the NGOs, the anti-Communist essence of the Anarchists, Trotskyites and Post-Modernists, the ideological and organizational threads that bind these forces together into a structure- should be exposed.

WSF - A Puppet of Imperialism

People against Imperialism

The World Social Forum is holding its Fourth Annual Meeting at Mumbai from 16th to 21st January 2004. The CPI, CPI (M) and the NGOs are actively mobilizing for the event. With the slogan 'Another World is possible', the WSF claims to provide a forum for all the forces opposed to Globalization. Even a glance at the WSF Charter would reveal the fact that it is not a front against Imperialism, but a forum that institutionalizes the anti-imperialist forces through devious methods. By dissipating people's movements and dampening revolutionary forces, the WSF is attempting to manufacture consent for the implementation of Globalization from below.

The term 'Globalization' is used as a euphemism by the WSF for concealing the attempts of Imperialists to establish global hegemony through globalization of capital, production, division of labor and the market. Barring a political novice, everyone can understand that what we witness is a phase of blatant imperialist aggression. Imperialism entangled in a crisis inevitably turns rabid.

The much trumpeted bourgeois values of freedom and democracy are invalidated, leading inevitably to fascisization of state and society. The fantasy called welfare state is dismantled brick by brick by the SAPs; the hard earned rights and privileges of the working class are scrapped in the name of justice; The legal system and the constitution of various countries are modified to suit the interests of global capital; Infringing upon the sovereign rights of nations and people, the global capital declares its divine right over even the nature. This is Capitalism denuded.

The People who dare to reclaim their rights are thrown into jail, or thrown dead The nations that have the audacity to stand up against Imperialism are bulldozed into submission through sanctions and war.

Hence, an alternative that does not demand the destruction of Imperialism, or stops short of overturning down the capitalist social system, betrays itself to be hollow. The cry for a solution to this crisis is destined to be a cry for Socialism and Communism.

True, the International Communist movement is splintered and weak. But this fact does not alter the truth that Socialism and dictatorship of the proletariat is the answer to Imperialist aggression and Fascism. This is no dream of a distant Utopia or empty sloganeering of an orthodox Marxist. This is an obligation imposed upon us by the most orthodox and reactionary Bourgeois of the world. All 'spaces' that hitherto existed between the Bourgeois and the Proletariat, between Imperialism and oppressed Nations are gone. All the shock absorbers are removed and Socialism is pulled into the arena to confront imperialism face to face.

But the WSF persuades the forces yearning for Socialism to choose the path of conciliation. It promises another possible world within the Imperialist Global system and cajoles people to embark on a futile search for 'space'.

When we expose the WSF Charter of its contents – i.e., its advocacy of pluralism and anti-centralism, its blanket ban on party representations, its hypocritical rejection of violence as a means of social control, its antipathy to all organizational structures, its anathema to Socialism etc., – we should bear in mind that these are already there in the ideology and practice of NGOs, now incorporated into the WSF Charter.

The origin of NGOs dates back to the period of Vietnam aggression. The petit bourgeoisie and intermediary classes who were disillusioned with the Imperialism, yet abhorred the idea of rallying behind Communism were the prime targets of the Imperialism in the '60s. The NGOs were institutions designed to institutionalize this social base.

The major constituents of the WSF, i.e., – the NGOs, Anarchists, Trotskyites and Post-Modernists of various hues etc., – are the strategic weapons in the armoury of Imperialism to be used against Communism. These forces are ideologically united in their crusade.

In spite of the weakness of the revolutionary movement the enemy apprehends Communism gaining influence as the alternative. Hence, the time-tested tactics of promoting social democrats, Anarchists, Trotskyites and pseudo-communists is on the play now. The vanguard role of PT in the WSF and the active role of CPI, CPI (M), CPI (M-L) (Liberation) in India are part of this conspiracy; a conspiracy to gain credibility by portraying a bourgeois formation as a red coalition. Or 'left pluralism' in the now infamous NGO-discourse!

Socialism, according to these forces, is a failed Utopia, while pragmatism is the 'ideology', strengthened by a subtle propaganda on the infallibility of Imperialism. Thus the cream of the working class and the intelligentsia are liberated of all 'doctrines' and pushed into the quagmire of post-modernism; while the masses that face the brunt of the SAPs are indoctrinated by the NGOs « against the culture of depending upon the state for their livelihood.» Through projects like Paani Panchayats, Women self-help Groups, Non-formal Education Movement etc., the masses are educated to depend upon themselves. Thus the diktats of WB and IMF imposed from above are disseminated in the form of morals, fomenting reformist tendencies amongst the masses thereby averting class struggle against Imperialism.

WSF reminds us of the Indian Parliament introduced during British Colonial rule. While the legislative and executive authorities are concentrated in the hands of the WB, IMF and the WTO, this forum creates illusions about another possible world under the new colonial masters. Thus WSF is a weapon of Imperialism masquerading as a weapon of the oppressed Nations and People.When the CPI and CPI (M) jump into the WSF bandwagon and start singing psalms, no one is surprised. But when Communist Revolutionaries also flounder, we have to step in.

Mumbai Resistance-2004, initiated by AIPRF and certain other organizations, describes itself to be an anti-imperialist programme.It's document 'exposes' the funding agencies and the imperialist lackeys who control the WSF, but invites all those committed to WSF to participate in MR-2004. It'enlightens' WSF on its ideological shortcomings and organisational infirmities, but emphasizes that « MR-2004 is not an anti-WSF meeting; but one with the clear and sharp focus that WSF fails to provide.»

In short, MR-2004 declares a war on Imperialism, in which it considers the Imperialist Trojan horse (WSF) to be an ally. In its anxiety to win allies it is hesitant to put forward its own ideological perspective to defeat imperialism. But it promises « to develop a perspective that will unite all struggling forces.» Formulations like National Liberation, New Democracy and Socialism which possess sharp anti-Imperialist connotations are replaced with terms like « Self-reliant Economic Paradigm» and «Moving towards a genuine Socialist Order.»

In a world where the aggressive face of Imperialism is getting increasingly exposed, in a situation where the illusions of bourgeois democracy are shattered, in the times when the enemy scrambles over everything to find a credible political alternative, it is the duty of the Communist Revolutionaries to hold high the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-Tung Thought and expose the lackeys of Imperialism who pretend to be Communists and Socialists. Underplaying the ideological and political issues in order to sound 'democratic' is nothing but opportunism. We should not mince words. The proletarian movement need not factor its criticisms in order to appear polite towards bourgeois intellectuals.

To quote Lenin : « The most dangerous of all in this respect are those who do not wish to understand that the fight against imperialism is a sham and humbug unless it is inseparably bound up with the fight against opportunism.» («Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism», Vol.22, LCW.)

WSF is a stooge of Imperialism. A stooge can never be enlightened. It should be exposed. The ideology and politics of WSF, the imperialist-guided manoeuvres of the NGOs, the anti-Communist essence of the Anarchists, Trotskyites and Post-Modernists, the ideological and organizational threads that bind these forces together into a structure- should be exposed.

The genuine forces who are duped into WSF and the anti-imperialist forces who are deluded to look for an ally in the WSF should be enlightened.

We are People against Imperialism. Hence we are Against WSF!


People's Art and Literary Association - Tamil Nadu
New Democratic Labour Front - Tamil Nadu


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