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Yugoslav social movement statement

The movement "Drugaciji svet je moguc" (Another World is Possible) condemns the illegal assault by the US-lead military coalition on the people of Iraq. We believe this "pre-emptive" war has been launched by this coalition in the aim of seizing Iraqi oil reserves and "preserving US power, positions and prestige", a line that has often been sincerely voiced by a number of US state officials.

They claim that the war is necessary for changing the regime in Iraq.

We ask: Is it really possible to wage war against a country whose military and economic potentials have been reduced to rubble through sanctions of mass destruction? The assault on Iraq is wrongly called a "war". The assault is also wrongly labeled "a campaign to liberate the people of Iraq". Liberating people by murdering them is a well-established neo-liberal recipe for punishing the disobedient.

The global elite was never so blatant in exposing their true policies. We must respond with equal transparency in rejecting and standing up to their intentions and deeds.

"Failure to obey" is our common responsibility today. We are obliged to "fail to obey" the political, military and financial elite that is taking another step in the pursuit of their imperial ambition with their bloody campaign against Iraq. We still remember the remedial outcome of liberating our country with NATO bombs. How could we forget!

The consequences of transition, reforms, hunger, poverty, social instability and fear plaguing the Balkans today are all in direct relation to the latest invasion of Iraq. They are linked to a process of permanent global war. They are the result of the status allocated to our country, and Eastern Europe in general, in the global neo-liberal order: the status of a colony, a source of natural resources and cheap labor.

This war is indeed of great concern to us, because we are part of the world that has been subjected to slavery, humiliation and deprived of human rights. We must confront the globalization of war and poverty by globalising dissent and resistance. We have to join the struggle for an another world together. Our experience of a people who have felt the smell and taste of bombs obliges us even more.

A world without war is possible!

Another World is Possible - DSM

Belgrade, 23.3.03., post-Yugoslavia

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