Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001
17 new arrests made in connection with Gothenburg riots

17 new arrests of swedish activists

Today major Swedish papers reported that 17 new
arrests had been made early on Tuesday morning in
association with the so called riots in Gothenburg,
Sweden, in June. 15 people have been taken into
custody and a further 2 await trial on free foot,
raids were made on a number of the arrestees
homes.Most of the charges are for rioting, both stone
throwing and property damage.It is reported that the
arrests are the result of alalysis of police fotage,
filmed during the 3 days of demonstrations.Police warn
that more than 50 new arrests could be made throughout
the winter.
Approximatly 50 people have already faced charges in
association with the demonstrations, resulting in
sentences of between 9 months and 4.5 years. The
sentences have come under criticism for being heavy,
political sentencing, particularly as the swedish
system uses local gothenburg politicians in the local
court instead of a jury."The quality of the
prosecutors case has sunk to low levels and
gullability has been a huge factor in the local court
and court of appeal in Gothenburg, after the riots in
June.Some of the sentences pushed by the prosecutors
have been as long as those for murder.The sentences
have, to the highest degree, been political" writes
Sweden's motkraft bullitin.
by antonia settle

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