Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001
Some thoughts after Goterborg, preparing Genoa

here as well the atmosphere after the Goterborg shootings is very dark.
Nevertheless we have immediately reacted to fight fear, by organizing some
events and actions that have been greeted by many with great consensus.

The police has deliberately chosen to send a terrorizing message,they have
committed the most serious action with the aim of raising the climate of
tension. Mjlo's images speak clearly: shot in the back while taking part at
a street party that had been attacked by nazis- the police's version of the
matter, that of the threatened policeman that ends up losing his reason, is
not even true.
They wanted to scare us, and consequently keep us all at home.
We thought that the best favour we could do them was exactly that of
turning into terrorized people who lock theirselves up at home. That would
definitely be the best way of letting them go on deciding over the world's
future as they do, privileging the interests of the few without giving a
damn about the many who die everyday of starvation, war, or thanks to the
bullets of an obviously criminal police force.
We also remembered the way in Chiapas we supported the EZLN caravan, we
recalled those brave men and women who travelled the country
speaking-out on peace, dignity,justice, without letting any threat stop
them, getting all the way to the power centre- into the Zocalo and the
In Milan we had another pubblic training session: getting ready for
swimming across the port of Genoa, we had a mass swimming contest- equipped
with tyres, canoes, safety jackets.
Then we organized a demo: more than a hundred people walking through
Milan and protesting under the Swedish consolate (the same happened in
The people in the streets cheered us....
The tide is turning, some political parties (!) have asked for the Genoa
summit to be cancelled, while the government is now beginning to talk around
the idea of the summit taking place on a ship (!!).
Today, a major Italian newspaper reported a poll that said 45% of the
Italian population shares friendly feelings for the movement.

July,19th- 21st : G8- everyone to Genoa!

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