Police surrounded Convergence Center

Jun 14 2001 http://sweden.indymedia.org

Police chooses confrontation?

19:13 ° UPDATE: Police has started picking up people at the convergencecenter. They took the carkeys of one german demonstrator, did not give him a reciept, and he, together with other demonstrators, were forced into a policevan. It is not really sure where the police take them but probably the demonstrators will be put somewhere outside the city.

18:04 • UPDATE: Police are repeatedly attacking withdrawing protestors outside the convergence center!

11.30 • today 300 Swedish police officers surrounded the Hvidfeldtska school, where one of the information centres are located. No one where allowed to pass in or out until 14.00, when the police started to let people out, if they agreed to be searched. Later in the afternoon clashes between police and activists trying to break out, were reported. Some succeded in getting through. Containers were placed outside the school and the question arises whether they planned to use them for arrests or not. Also the amount of violence used by the police is very much questioned at the moment. Will the protestors stay calm after these confrontations or will things get worse when the demonstrations occur tomorrow?

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