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Delegation to Guatemala - 2nd Announcement
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001


Rights Action
[formerly Guatemala Partners]
invites you to join an
Educational Delegation to Guatemala

"Free" Trade & Human Rights
in "post"-Conflict Guatemala

IN GUATEMALA, delegation members will:

"SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS", Quebec City, April 2001

This delegation is planned as lead-up to the FTAA "Summit of the Americas" to be held in Quebec City, Canada, April 20-22, 2001. The Summit will bring together 34 government leaders from the western hemisphere.

The purpose of the Summit will be to put final touches on the FTAA ("Free" Trade Area of the Americas) agreement that purports to extend NAFTA (North American "Free" Trade Agreement) across the hemisphere. Leaders, government officials, commercial and financial elites, and international "aid" and "development" banks and agencies will participate in private meetings, gala dinners and public relations events.

The FTAA will fortify and broaden the reach of the present international commercial and financial economic model (the "free trade" model) that is damaging to the environment and that systematically violates the human rights of a large percentage of Latin America's population. The FTAA will take further steps towards submitting health, education, community development, the environment and labor issues to the logic of the "free market" and to the control of corporate 'rights', while marginalizing and rendering ineffective environmental and human rights laws and standards.

WHEN:  February 10 - 18, 2001
WHERE: Guatemala City, and selected rural areas.
COST:  $640 per person [$80\day] that includes: room and board, travel
       in the region, translation, program activities, trip leaders and
       guides.  You are responsible for your own airfare.

Grahame Russell, T: 416-654-2074. E:

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