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Here's a draft of the FTAA calendar. This is certainly an interesting mass action--one that brings in a diverse group of issue interests, and augments existing coalitions that were foraged around NAFTA, MAI, fast track, and WTO. Student networks are already holding weekly conference calls in anticipation of April, and for the first time in a long time, we're facing a timeline that affords us in opportunity to do a lot of local lead-up organizing.

MAI was defeated in great part due to the leaking of languaging over the internet. The fact that we have no access to FTAA language (a hemispheric agreement that amounts to MAI + NAFTA on steroids) affords us an opprotunity to create a series of fixed dates to ratchet up pressure over the course of the next many months, and to turn the volume up on local issues (labor especially) affected by cross-border privatization issues (take a look at the release-the-text campaign efforts).

Might be a good thing, whether folks think about heading to Quebec or not, to consider sponsoring local solidarity campaigns, media hits, regional teach-ins, etc.

FTAA protest time-line
Nov 2000

Plan of Action leading up to the Summit

A 'Release the Text' campaign is being organized. This campaign will demand the release of official text being negotiated by Canada's Minister of International Finance. Activities and media events are being planned around this from late November to March.

March 20th 2001Deadline for the ultimatum coinciding with the Meeting of the Ministers of Finance of the Americas in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Protests etc being planned around this event. A group in Toronto is also organizing a Teach-In for this to date to mobilize locals for the trip to Québec City in April.
April 1stProtest planned in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, coinciding with the Meeting of the Ministers of Finance of the Americas in Buenos Aires. April 2nd - Civil Disobedience being proposed in Ottawa if the text is not released.
April 3rd - 17thMobilisation Caravanes being planned to tour communities in Québec, British Columbia and the Maritimes.
April 17th 21stPeoples' Summit in Québec City. Plenaries, conferences being organized by Common Frontiers. Teach-Ins to take place as well.
April 21stThe BIG protest day. [A20]
April 22ndTeach-Ins continue. Proposed 'Freedom Zone.'

Hope this helps. I'll send on updates as they come available.

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Occupation Québec Printemps 2001(Occupation Springtime Québec 2001), a regional group in Québec City, is organizing food, lodging, daycare, medical and legal services during the Summit.