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demonstrators military targets in Colombia

Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 14:48:06 +0200

the national peasant mobilisation in Colombia next monday (16th) will
possibly be under attack by paramilitary groups. Please take some time to
send messages of support and/or denounce

TO : the international community, the international human rights
organizations and international intergovernmental bodies

By the network for human rights in the southwest of Colombia called
“Francisco Isaías Cifuentes”

The press communication of the paramilitary commando "conjunto calima"
dated the 7th of September 2002, has declared leaders of the social
mobilization in the southwest of Colombia to be military targets. This
mobilization is being prepared by communities, popular and peasant
organizations and trade unions as part of the national peasant mobilization
on the 16th of September.

In this communication they also state that they are not allowing
communities to participate in this mobilization. If they do participate,
these communities will also be declared military targets

We can add to this the measures adopted by the national government in the
framework of the interior state of commotion. These measures attack the
fundamental human rights protected by the constitution and international law.
The declarations of the minister of defense Martha Lucia Ramírez and other
military authorities insist on describing the September 16 mobilization as
an activity of the guerilla. This puts the lives and well-being of the
leaders, communities and other organizations that participate in this
mobilization at high risk.

We find the Colombian state responsible for any action or assault against
life and well-being of any of the leaders, speakers, negotiators, members
of social organizations, members of trade unions, members of popular
organizations and or against the communities that participate in this big
day of national protest. The social mobilization of the southwest Colombia
in 2002 is realized by using the legitimate right of social protest and
must be recognized and respected by the Colombian state, avoiding any
repressive act against it.

 From the ministry of internal affairs, we demand:
-to guarantee and account for the life and well-being of the leaders,
organizations and communities that participate in the national social
Colombian mobilization of 2002.
-the dismantling of the paramilitary structure and to stop the advance of
these groups in the southwest of Colombia.

 From the international community, we request:
·       To demand from the national government the immediate compliance
with the repeated recommendations on the respect and implementation of the
human rights, that the human rights commission of the United Nations, the
inter-American commission of the OAS and other international humanitarian
bodies have formulated. Especially, the compliance with the demand to
combat the paramilitary groups.
·       To develop extensive actions tended towards overcoming the bad
effects of the paramilitary attacks. These attacks have planted terror in
the population and have led to forced displacements, crimes, tortures,
disappearances, and illegal appropriation of earth. This all in regions
where the national army is present, and in the sight of the intelligence
and armed bodies of the state.

To the office of the high commission of human rights of the united nations,
UNHCHR, the delegation of the international red cross, and other
international organizations of humanitarian aid.
·       To make possible mechanisms that permit to accompany, to prevent
criminal actions that the paramilitaries of the AUC are committing against
the communities in the localities of Santander, El Tambo, El Bordo,
Mercaderes y El Estrecho.
·       To demand to the civil and military authorities, real actions in
order to stop the paramilitary advance in the southwest of Colombia.
·       To demand to the civil authorities to start investigation processes
against the members of the national army and the national police, that have
permitted and collaborated with the criminal actions of the paramilitaries
of the AUC in these municipalities.

  To the human rights organizations:
·       To create a commission of verification, to accompany and follow, to
certify and denounce the continuing violations of human rights in the
municipalities of the Cauca department.
·       To demand from the national state of  Colombia, that it finally
faces the paramilitary program and initiates penal processes against the
economic groups that finances and plans the crimes against the population
of peasants, indigenous' and citizens.

Network of Human rights of southeast Colombia “Francisco Isaias Cifuentes”
September 12, 2002

Comité pour les droits humains "Daniel Gillard"
Maison de la Paix
35, rue Van Elewijck
B - 1050 Bruxelles
Tél/fax: 32 (0)2 6485118
Bruxelles - Belgique

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