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Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 02:39:56 EDT
Alert! US Asking Immunity in Colombia from ICC!!

U.S. Asks For Immunity in Colombia
.c The Associated Press 

WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States is seeking an agreement with Colombia to 
protect American military personnel in the South American country against 
prosecution by the International Criminal Court, the State Department said 

Marc Grossman, the department's third-ranking official, raised the issue with 
Colombian authorities during a Wednesday visit to Bogota, the capital.

Department spokesman Philip Reeker noted that the Bush administration is 
seeking such agreements with a number of countries to ensure there will be no 
prosecutions for alleged rights abuses by American soldiers.

U.S. officials are worried about politically motivated prosecutions.

The United States maintains hundreds of troops in Colombia, mostly for 
training of troops for counternarcotics activities.

Reeker, recalling comments by Secretary of State Colin Powell, said the 
administration is not resorting to threats in its attempts to secure immunity 
for American servicemen overseas.

Under a new law, U.S. military aid would be cut off to countries that have 
ratified the treaty creating the court, except those granted a waiver. 
Countries granting an immunity pledge will continue to receive aid.

08/15/02 18:17 EDT

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