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Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002
April 22 - Massive Nonviolent Direct Action in Washington DC


·     To End US Military Aid to Colombia
·     To STOP Aerial Spraying
·     To CLOSE the SOA

Monday  April 22  2002  7-9 AM  Washington, DC

The war in Colombia is raging, fueled by US military aid and training. And
there is an alarming new development:  the Bush Administration is pushing
Congress to use the newest war — the “War on Terrorism” — to escalate US
involvement in Colombia. They want to mount an all-out “anti-terrorist”
campaign to protect US oil interests there. Even as they cut social programs
in our country, they want another $537 million in Colombian military aid,
$98 million of which will go to protect Occidental's pipelines.

If we allow that to happen, we know who will benefit, and we know who will
bear the ultimate cost - - Indigenous peoples, Afro-Colombians and anyone
else who stands in the way of the corporate globalization of Colombia are at
risk as the massacres continue. We must take action!

The Colombia Mobilization calls upon all people of faith and conscience to
act in nonviolent solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Colombia. Our
goal is end U.S. support for the war in Colombia on all fronts: military,
economic and ecological. Join us in Washington, DC, April 22 as we culminate
four days of vigils, lobbying, teach-ins and resistance to U.S. Colombia
policy. This is an historic opportunity for many diverse voices to be united
in a resounding call for justice. Begin mobilizing now!


At 7 AM will we gather at the Washington Monument in a spirit of solemnity
to honor those in Colombia whose lives have been lost or are at risk.

Then at the height of DC's Monday morning rush hour, we will begin our
non-violent procession to carry our demands to Congress.  Peace Keepers and
Legal Observers will intersperse and accompany the march from the Washington
Monument to the US Capitol.

Unlike other events during the Colombia Mobilization, we have not sought a
permit for the march, so participation will carry varying levels of risk:

·     No/Very Low Arrest Risk:  Those who do not want to risk arrest can
proceed as part of the march on the National Mall or on sidewalks toward the
Capitol. This is within our legal rights even if others are in the streets.
This group will proceed to a “safe” area in the Upper Senate Park near the
Capitol where we have a permit.

·     Arrest Risk: For those who are able to risk arrest, we call for
affinity groups to plan creative, nonviolent actions and for individuals and
affinity groups to join in the blockades, die-ins and other actions in the
area of the Capitol. In addition, at the Sunday night coordinating meeting,
individuals and affinity groups will have the opportunity to join in actions
already being planned by other groups.

Those planning to risk arrest should be aware that

In solidarity with each other, all participants in the march and nonviolent
direct action are asked to honor and act in accordance with the nonviolence
guidelines (see below). These guidelines allow a diverse group of people to
act together from a place of mutual trust, knowing what to expect from each

Additionally, ALL who plan to risk arrest are asked

-  To participate in a nonviolence training session,
-  To attend a direct action coordination meeting, and
-  To send your affinity group representative to the spokescouncil meeting.

Nonviolence training sessions will be offered Friday, April 19 and during
the teach-in on Saturday, April 20. The action coordination meeting will be
held on Sunday, April 21 at 7 PM.   The spokescouncil will immediately
follow. The National Lawyers Guild, the Partnership for Civil Justice and
the DC Justice and Solidarity Collective will offer legal advice, risk
assessments and private question and answer opportunities at each of these

For those risking arrest, a 24-hour legal hotline will be staffed and legal
support will be available throughout arrest, booking, trial and any
follow-up that may be necessary.

For more information
contact Jeff Winder, SOA Watch, 202-234-3440 or

Following are the nonviolence guidelines for the National Mobilization on
Colombia, April 19th - 22nd. We recognize that within this movement, there
is a range of approaches to nonviolent action. These guidelines are not a
judgment on other tactics, simply an agreement that allows a diverse group
of people to act together, knowing what to expect from each other. We ask
individuals and groups participating in these events to agree to act in
unity according to the following principles. If any feel called to act
outside of these guidelines, we respectfully ask that you do so at some
other time so that the integrity of this event can be preserved.

Our goal is end U.S. support for the war in Colombia on all fronts:
military, economic and ecological, and to close the SOA. In working towards
this goal, we will act with full respect for our Colombian sisters and
brothers, both living and dead. We recognize that the Colombia Mobilization
does not support or endorse any of the armed actors and that our Colombian
guests have come here with that understanding. As participants we commit to
honor that understanding through our actions, words, signs and symbols.  We
will use our anger at injustice as a nonviolent force for change. We will
act with full respect for the diverse nonviolent tradition that this
coalition embodies.

Accordingly, during the Colombia Mobilization Events--

We will carry no weapons.
We will not vandalize.
We will not use or carry alcohol or illegal drugs.
We will not swear or use insulting language.
We will not run in public or otherwise make threatening motions.
We will not assault — either verbally or physically — those who oppose or
disagree with us, even if they assault us.
We will protect those who oppose us from insult or attack.
We will honor the emergency decisions of the empowered coordinators and
spokescouncil representatives.
Our attitude as conveyed through words, symbols, and actions will be one of
respect towards all.
We know this action is part of an ongoing, protracted campaign.
We will return to our communities and renew our work for peace with justice.

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