Honolulu Police targeting ADB protesters
Tue, 23 Jan 2001

From: Refuse & Resist! Hawaii Chapter

When the Asian Development Bank announced that it was going to hold its next meeting in Honolulu, R&R! immediately began alerting people to the probability of increased repression. That this is happening is no longer a question!

  1. Bill 6, 2001: "A bill for an ordinance relating to public parks and recreation facilities. To (a) provide a definition for "camp" or "camping" relating to park use and park use permits; (b) allow horses and dogs used by law enforcement officers; and (c) allow arrest for camping when and where camping is not allowed. (Introduced by Chair Jon Yoshimura)

  2. Bill 5, 2001: "A bill for an ordinance relating to wearing of masks or disguises. To establish certain prohibitions with respect tot he wearing of masks or disguises." Submitted by HPD; introduced by Jon Yoshimura.

  3. Bill 4, 2001: "A bill for an ordinance relating to prohibited activities in the city: To prohibit any person to possess with intent to use a device capable of emitting an obnoxious substance as described in Section 40-2.2 of the ROH 1990."

  4. Bill 3, 2001: "A bill for an ordinance relating tot he traffic code. To amend the penalty and enforcement provisions relating to putting glass or other injurious substances on a highway." The amendment would allow the immediate arrest of persons who put glass and other injurious substances on highways.

These bills were submitted in preparation for the ADB, but will remain after the ADB is over. In other words, we'll have a whole new set of repressive rules and ordinances aimed at limiting the freedom to protest. These ordinances are very broad. They clearly seek to further limit the ability to camp, and allow police horses and dogs to be used in arresting persons who are camping. Just what is a "mask or disguise?" Often protesters wear paper masks in the likenesses of individuals or even animals. Sometimes they wear bandannas to protect them from possible tear gas attacks. And what kinds of devices are "capable of emitting an obnoxious substance"? The news report referred to water guns. Could it include a soda can or water bottle? We can be sure it doesn't outlaw police guns capable of emitting bullets, tear gas, pepper spray, pellets, etc.

The ADB Conference is still 4 months away, and Hawaii's population is already being threatened and intimidated. New laws are being adopted. Intimidating "news reports" are being aired. Articles in the newspapers boast about the acquisition of new equipment "prepare for the protesters". And youth are already being interrogated by police detectives about their affiliations and plans. In short, while peole from many different trends are preparing for non-violent speak-outs and protests against the ADB, the HPD (along with the military) are preparing for a police riot! This is outrageous.

Ben Cayetano and Hawaii's State Dept of Tourism and Economic Development have issued an open invitation to finance agencies such as the WTO, IMF, and APEC. In order to do this they are willing to turn Hawaii into a virtual police state. R&R! calls on everyone to protest every effort to limit our right to speak out against the anti-people policies of the Asian Development Bank (aka Asian Destruction Bank).

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