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== Nachbereitungsreader zum 4. Antirassistischen Grenzcamp im Rhein-Main-Gebiet ==
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27.07.-05.08.2001 FFM

Flüchtlingsinitiative Brandenburg: Alexis Santana

Alexis Santana was a refugee from Cuba who later found himself in Germany In Germany, he lived in an asylum home in Prenzlau, in the state of Brandenburg. As Alexis arrived Germany, due to the high rate of racism, the poor living situation of the asylum seekers and the exclusion of the minority from the German society, he decided to continously being active to reform these vices by becoming a member of The Brandenburg Flüchtlings Initiative.

These reasons made Alexis to join his colleagues from the State of Brandenburg to the Grenz camp campaign that took place in July 2001, in the small locality of Kelsterbach found in the city of Frankfurt Main.

During the week, because of the very hot weather, almost all the participants were always going to a lake close to the camp to swim. This lake, as described by the police, is very dangerous with very high current under the water. With tiredness and just coming from eating, Alexis did not wait for his food to digest, he went to swim.Suddenly, the colleagues who were swimming with him saw him lifting up his hands for help and at the same time, he was reacting like somebody who had muscle crams in the water. Those who saw Alexis fighting against death, jumped in to the water to rescue him, but the cool hands of death took him away. We called the police of Kelsterbach, though they were very fast in arriving as if they were waiting our call, they could still not rescue the grim situation. They used all sorts of modern instruments of reanimation, but Alexis was already in the other world.

Alexis is dead. Though there was a gab between the refugees and the Germans in the Grenz camp, the dead of Alexis actually appealed to so many of the participants that generously contributed money that led to the transportation of the corps to Prenzlau where he was buried. The Grenz camp organisers contributed the greater amount of money and the rest was contributed by the social welfare office in Prenzlau.

The remains of Alexis was buried in the Catholic church cementry in Prenzlau. The Brandenburg Flüchtlings initiative regrets the lost of a member and also wishes his soul should rest in perfect peace.

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27.07.-05.08.2001 FFM