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Berlin: European Education Forum 18th & 19th September 2003

Mediagroup European Education Forum

Berlin, September 8th 2003

The first European Education Forum is on its blocks!

European Education Forum 18th & 19th September 2003 in Berlin

Demonstration on 20th September 2003

Simultaneously with the European Higher Education Summit 2003 the first
European Education Forum (EEF) takes place from 18th to 20th September at the
Humboldt University in Berlin. The aim is to give teachers and learners an open
forum for exchange of ideas and discussion. On this occasion the current
European education policy is to be analysed critically and alternatives are to be
developed. The main subjects of the EEF are the Bologna process and the GATS

On Thursday and Friday evening there will be panel discussion and lectures
about these subjects. During the day different groups and individuals from
whole Europe offer more than 50 workshops. These workshops offer opportunity for
intensive discussions and organization by the participants, so that real
participation from „below“ becomes possible.

Two weeks before the start everybody involved in the preparation of the
forum is in the final spurt. We are expecting participants from whole Europe and
other continents: From France, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Spain,
Ghana, Bulgaria, Norway, Rumania, Bhutan, Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania and the
Netherlands pupils, students and teachers will come to Berlin to exchange
their ideas about education policy and to develop alternatives. Accommodation,
catering and of course rooms in the Humboldt University for about 1000
participants have to be organized.

The EEF ends on 20th September with a huge education demonstration against
the current education policy, which changes education from a basic right to a
service which can be marketed.

Everybody who likes to tackle critically with education policy is invited.
It doesn’t matter, how much one already knows about education policy:
Workshops are offered, which fit for anybody.

More detailed information about the program, the journey and accommodation
are published on our website:

Please contact Rene Schuijlenburg (0049/176-20000339) or Bastian Gronloh
(0049/163-4417462) for any additional information.

EU-wide protestcampaign in 2003:
Education is not for sale!

European Education Forum
September 18-20 2003 Berlin

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