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70 to 100 people remain in jail in Prague.

Serious human rights abuses have occurred and are continuing to occur, and
have been substantiated by others released from jail: arrestees were
forced to walk between two lines of police upon arriving at the detention
center and beaten, including some who teeth were knocked out with iron

Right now, the best thing to do is contact the Bacava jail, asking for Mr.
Verulzi, at 011-42-0182395305.

INPEG will be putting a webpage up soon about how to support the jailed
people, so check for updates at

2. Corporate news reports put the number of demonstrators at 5000. This is
absolutely false, and reflects only "Group BLUE" (composed of Blac Bloc,
etc.) that came the closest to the convention center. A more realistic
estimate of the total number of demonstrators is around 15 to 20,000.

3. In solidarity with our prisoners in Prague, the Czech embassies have
been occupied in London, Barcelona, and elsewhere. Let your local Czech
embassies know that we want our people treated humanely and FREED!

4. The proponents of globalization are attempting to make it look like it
is us who do not want dialogue (despite the many attempts of the movement
against globalization to start dialogue). I am sending out press releases
today inviting the bastards to a public debate, and I suggest everyone
else do the same. Let's all dig up those nuggets like Lawrence Summer's
memorandum and throw it back at them.


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