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Communiqué of the National Directorate  MRTA

 September, 2000

To The National and International Public Opinion.
To The Left, Progressive and Democratic Organizations.
To The Organizations that Defend and Protect Human Rights and Solidarity.
To The Andean and Peruvian People, Our People.

The Revolutionary Tupac Amaru Movement (Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru), MRTA, on the latest political developments in our country, Peru, states the following:

1.- The showing of a video where a commercial transaction between Mr. Vladimiro Montesinos and Mr.  Alberto Kouri, could be seen, demonstrates in all its crudity how consciences are bought and manipulated, the degree of immorality and the generalized corruption of the regime of Alberto Fujimori.

2.- The showing if this video also says to us that the CIA agent, Vladimiro Montesinos, and the Fujimori regime "have fallen in disgrace" before the yanki imperialism, their master.  That is the only explanation we can offer for being shown a video that came from the private bunker of the ever powerful Montesinos.

3.- It is evident that the position taken by Fujimori of closing off the SIN and calling for new general elections was the result of negotiations whose objective is to ensure impunity for the crimes and corrupt deals during his regime.  This is why characters of "petty politics", such as the ex-premier of the dictatorship Javier Valle Riestra and the officialist deputy Martha Chavez have said:  "Fujimori has reached nobility and greatness..." and "He has given us a lesson of honor and nobility...".  Such statements attempt to portray the tyrant as a hero and a martyr, one who knew how to choose and preferred "democratic principles and the betterment of the country" over his own personal lust for power and ambitions.  They try to tell us that this blood thirsty dictator is a magnanimous man who deserves to go down in history, not as the genocidal maniac and dictator that he is, but as a selfless democratic man who knew when to abdicate power, for the benefit of democracy.

4.- Calling for new elections evidently changes the political discourse and offers a breather to the system, while the so-called "political class" makes every effort to keep dragging the Peruvian people through the "formal democracy" game, as has been happening in the dialogue table sponsored by the OAS, so that our people, burdened by the crisis, by repression and by a terrorist dictatorship, will see in this process the hope of not being forced to make use of violence to defeat the dictatorship and regain its most elemental rights.

Since 1997 the people began to reactivate its struggle, influenced by the decisiveness and courage of our brothers and sisters of the Comando Edgard Sanchez to face the dictatorship.   Our people began to understand that only with unity and organization could we defeat the dictatorship, that in order to build Peru on social justice and peace we had also to defeat the neoliberal model.  Our people began to walk from every corner of the Four Suyos gathering strength until then dispersed.  Without paying attention to "petty politics" the people created unity and the conditions to defeat the dictator and his model.  This is why, imperialism, afraid of the mobilized masses, to salvage the system and as a preventive measure , decided to "sacrifice" one who has been its puppet throughout all these years.

AS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE PEOPLE, THE MRTA REAFFIRMS that our struggle is not against one government or another, but against a system that oppresses and exploits the people, OUR fundamental task is to contribute to the concientization and organization of our people to conquer peace, based on social justice, and in this task of liberation from exploitation and oppression all forms and methods of struggle are valid.


1.- The Peruvian people must become the creator of our own destiny.  To this end, all of us must continue actively participating in national politics and organize the successful experience of the Four Suyos in every corner of the country, small village, town, city, department, and region.  Organic committees of the Four Suyos must be set up; they will be the germs of popular power and from the smallest groups  to the largest, they will consolidate a political organization to take part in decision making processes about the future of our people.  The Four Suyos must become an organized political force that defends the popular interests, including the electoral processes, to face the dictatorship and the neoliberal opposition.

2.- As an act of elemental justice, those responsible for so much death and misery in our Peruvian people must be judged, to serve as a severe lesson to all those who may want take power by force and against the will of the people.

3.- The decisions announced by Mr. Fujimori are an implicit recognition of the criminal acts of the SIN under his command, which morally incapacitates him to continue governing the country.  Thus, he must resign and a government of transition must be set up which should set aside Fujimori's Constitution and all the laws this de facto government promulgated, and, as transitory measure, the country should be governed by the Constitution of '79.

4.- The MRTA calls its militants and all the Peruvian people to continue strengthening the base autonomous organizations nourishing the germs of popular power.  Keeping high the banners of popular mobilization and direct action to conquest peace based on social justice.






National Directorate