We women political prisoners who are imprisoned in Chorrillos Prison in Lima Peru state the following:

The human rights groups: the UN Commission Against Torture, Amnesty International, the International Federation on Human Rights who came to Peru in the last year, in spite of the limitations on access, have shown that the Peruvian government with the excuse of the supposed "struggle against terrorism" is continuing to violate the most elementary rights of individuals, as stated in the Peruvian Constitution and the norms of international law.

The response of the government of Fujimori was to cut the powers of fhe Attorney General and to throw out of office members of the Constitutional Court. Faced with criticism for its violation ot citizen rights, it responded with threats" persecution of journalists and others who denounced with facts these dictatorial policies.

Its ultimate expression was to refuse to listen to the petiton of the majority of its citizens, dissolving the sovereign right that alI peoples have to decide their destiny through referendum.

We women political prisoners are victims of the inhumane counter-subversive policies of the Fujimori regime just as civil society has suffered the attacks in the administration of justice and democratic participation. It is now seven years (beginning with the self-coup of April 5, 1992) when the right to life and legal defense was annulled.

Now the government is trying to create an image ot respect to human rights with the passage of Decree 005-97-JUS. This law would supposedly concede "benefits" to prisoners tried for terrorism. But it is really a method of psychological torture because to get these "benefits" the prisoners have to submit to whatever the authorities tell them: They cannot think. They cannot have opinions. They should not demand anything. They have to accept any order, no matter how injust it may be. Those who refuse to be robotized are labeled "highly dangerous" and "antisocial."

As a consequence, if we defend our dignity, we are transferred to other prisons which are inaccessible to our families (Yanamayo, Challapalca, ) or condemned to the living death (the Naval Base at Callao.)

The regime wants "to clean its face" with decree 005, while maintaining the essence of its antihuman policies. Now it is engaged in a huge publicity campaign, spending large amounts, showing the prisoners participating in sports and engaged in labor activities as if it were always so. We are obliged to participate. If not, we will be labeled "highly dangerous" and therefore not entitled to any "benefits" (to be in the patio, to receive direct visits, to go to the workshops, etc.)

In reality with this campaign they wani to create a false image for public opinion -- in order to prepare the terrain to refuse the recommendations made by the organizations of human rights, particularly regarding Human Rights and the restoration of the government of Laws.

That is why we are alerting public opinion so that it is not surprised and to ensure that our accusations are heard.


E. P. M. S. M. Chorrillos