Rambouillet document is absolutely unacceptable....

Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General in the Govt. of Lyndon Johnson and now distinguished NYC advocate and even more distuinguished human rights advocate , gave an interview to "Politika", after stark condemning of NATO Terrorism and after receiving  PhD honoris causa from Belgrade University(he already has more than 20 titules of honor from different world universities).
Here are the semples from the interview:
"So called Rambouillet document is absolutely unacceptable for any sovereign country- this document really presuposes occupation of your theritory;this is a part of what we are calling "special warfare".It is shamefull." "main threat to Yugoslavia is sistematical satanization of Serbian people- that was a a task of American press under the pretense of  "objectivism", probably the most dangerous threat to humanity today. Do you know that USA had lost twice more people in the Indochina wars than in the WW2?Ordinary Americans do not know this fact, neither the great part of world.

"The aggression on Serbia is against all the principles of Law,In our Constitution it is written:" you cannot misuse law, peace, bomb a sovereign country and get involved in an active war".Congress is the only instance for declaring war and it didnt do it."
"Yugoslavia, however , is in better position, if we put aside the media demonology, in comparison with the other oppresed people around the world   - you see what is happening in Italy, Greece, Russia,Spain, Portugalia...Even in Peru.Such a tremendous support from the whole world is really unique. It is perfectly normal.We have to re establish a legal order: you simply cannot forbiden one nation, or in other words, you must give her the right to solve it s own problems by herself."
"American strategy is to undermine influence of the Eastern Europe.Just take a look to the East.It is one great disaster.
They, american corporations , wants to controll the markets.Thats why they ve destroyed the former Yugoslavia.The same thing occured in Caribian areal: transnational corporations are , practicaly, dominating the whole countries there!We have a military budget of 290 billion dollars whereas China has a budget of only 43 billions.ON what we are spending that money?For kiling people, for using our technology, for making financialy lucrative troubles.In Vetnam we have killed 2 million people and 39 000 American soldiers AND DEVASTATED THE WHOLE COUNTRY. THE
"I have visited some places in Vojvodina today which were destroyed . I have seen "Surcin" airport too, all eleven plain gates.It is all destroeyd.I have visited Novi Sad and i was horrified.I saw a industrial objects , a company for building material;several people were killed in these explosions.One school, where children were playing basketball was directly hit.This is a pure barabarity."

"You were offered two possibilities: to choose our "friendly soldiers" who will go trough your streets , telling and ordering you what to do, or to be "bombed to the stone age".This is the famous sentance from the Vietnam war.
With Iraq they were more gentle: they have said that they will be brought back, with the bombardement, to the 16 century.You have , therefore, a tremendous support, i dare say a biggest support possible ..You must use it carefully and with inteligence : this is the only way to rearange the mainstream media picture and the only way to go ahead.You are not defending only yourself, but also a next possible victim.There is not any force, believe me, which can be compared with the force of the people ready to rebel.The people have demonstrated their strength all around the world protesting against bombing of Yugoslavia. That is , exactly, the reason why media and cultural menagers, suprised with this enormous support , created a story about "genocide"on Kosovo, this is their answer to mass rebelion of freedom loving people from all around the world".

"All the principles of justice are on your side and you must use that fact.In yougoslavia the United nations can be destroyed and buried.Dont forget: Germany, is killing people again for the first time after WW2.You have to hit back to all of them by the power of your arguments. It is going to be a great fight but a great victory also.And you can win"