" NATO is preparing a staged massacre of Albanian refugees to get the excuse to attack Yugoslavia from all sides "

        Marijana Glisic <mglisic@cg.yu>

This is a warning. There is a possibility that NATO is preparing a staged  massacre of Albanian refugees to get the excuse to attack and in that way defy the decisions made by the US Congress. We  could witness new Markale.

There are indications that NATO is preparing the ground offensive on  Yugoslavia as a whole and not only on Kosovo. According to the information  received from Macedonia and Albania all the Albanian refugees are  evacuating from the border areas and are being replaced with NATO troops.
Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria Bosnia, Macedonia and Albania were all   forced to sign the documents allowing the NATO troops to launch the ground  attack from their territories. CNN has sent three full crews to Albania  equipped with satellite broadcasting equipment. Knowing their reputation   they always get sent to the crisis area "before" anything starts so that  they can prepare for the coverage of the "unexpected" event. There are also   indications that NATO is preparing to arrange a false "massacre of the  innocent Albanian refugees" that will be used as a excuse for the attack. Our sources say that it will be probably done as a bombing of a refugee camp in Albania or Macedonia.