ATTACK ON CHINESE EMBASSY and other civilian facilities

NATO planes attacked Embassy of People's Republic of China on Friday, just before midnight. According to first informations, there were about 30 persons in the building in the moment of attack.
Chinese diplomats in Belgrade,UN and China condemed attack. They added that NATO countries will have to take all responsability for this attack. "This is not a mistake" said chinese diplomat in Belgrade.
According to reports from the scene, there are at least 10 hard wounded diplomats and members of families.
Embassy is situated on New Belgrade, which is biggest residental area of Capital.
In 21:30 NATO aggressors droped grafit bombs on facilities for distribution of electrical energy. Criminal James Shea, spokesman of NATO in Brusseles, gave a thiny explanations: "We have to cut electrical energy to command and control centres. We do not want civilians to suffer (!!!???)". This shows that NATO commanders are not only mad. They are stupid as well.
This is not a first attack on civilians. Yesterday, American F-16 drop cluster bombs on market garden in Nis, 215 kn south of Belgrade killing 15 people and wounded 60 more. Ten of them have very hard wounds and medical teams are struggling for their lives. Cluster bombs are forbidden by international law and using of souch weapon represents war crime. Those who are guilty will have to be punished.
In the same attack, NATO hit hotel "Yugoslavia" but, fortunately, without any victims. Early in the evening Army HQ and Ministry of Police were hit.
This attacks on civilian facilities and people have the aim to broke the will of Yugoslavs to continu struggle for indepedence and sovereignity of our Federal Republic. But these attack only strenthening our will to fight and to beat the imperialists.
Secretary for informations of SKOJ
Ivan Pavlovic
06:02 AM