The aggression of the NATO forces on Yugoslavia which began on 24 March
1999 is continuing.
The NATO strikes the capital city, as well as other major towns from the airspace brutaly and without any respect. In addition to military objects, apartment buildings, refugee camps, factories, health facilities, schools, kindergardens, Christian Orthodox sacred places, cultural monuments, civil airports and even the Headquarters of the Regional Organization of the Red Cross of Kosovo and Metohija have been hit. The number of dead and wounded is increasing constantly. Also, great movements of population from parts of the country, which suffer the most intense attacks by the NATO forces, have occured.

Targeted by guided missiles and cluster bombs and other prohibited military devices by the NATO forces, including those which can produce an environmental disaster, 11 million inhabitants of Yugoslavia and 750 thousand refugees are exposed to unprecedented genocide at the end of the 20th century.

The stocks of food and medicines at Yugoslav Red Cross are insufficient, and since almost all international humanitarian organizations, except the International Red Cross, have left the country, the humanitarian situation is now becoming more difficult.
We appeal to all our people in the country and abroad, to humanitarian organizations and all persons of good will in the world, who have supported us since the very beginning of the aggresion, to provide us with vital goods and help us at this most difficult time. At this moment, we need:
MEDICAL MATERIAL First Aid material:
*  calico bandages, plaster bandages, cotton wool (hydrophilic and paper), compress gauzes, stanicide and vazeline gauzes, First Aid bandages,  elastic net and tubular bandages;
*  isposable nappies for children and adults
*  disposable hospital material:
*  surgical gloves,caps,masks,galoshes,white coats
*  small surgical instruments: scalpels,pincers
*  disposable surgical material:
*  sutures, stitches, needles (all sizes), IV needles, syringes, tubuses (all sizes), infusion sets for adults and babies, anaesthetic sets, probes, drainage tubes, IV needles (finer sort), drains with bags for multiple use (cleanable), stoma bags with discs, catheters
*  Disinfectants and water purification means
*  Test strips for blood and urine
*  Blood bags and transfusion sets
*  Blood tests
*  Machines and sets for dyalisis
*  RTG films and chemicals
*  Portable ECG with defibrilator, EEG MEDICATION
*  02 medicines for infectious diseases: penicillins, cephalospirins, amino-clicozides, antibiotics similar to macrollides, chynolones, sulphonamides;
*  04 medicines for endocrine diseases: for disorders of the thyroid gland, pituitary gland, glycocorticoides, medicines for regulating blood sugar level;
*  05 medicines for treating metabolic disorders;
*  06 medicines for treating blood diseases: parenteral anti- coagulants;
*  08 medication for the nervous system: neuroleptics, anxiolitics,
     anaesthetics, anti-epileptics, sedative (opiate) analgetics;
*  10 medicines for treating diseases of the cardiovascular system:
*  anti-arrhythmics, diuretics, vasoconstrictors, vasodilatants;
*  12 medicines for treating diseases of the digestive system:
*  H2 receptor blockers, gastrokynetics;
*  11 medicines for treating diseases of the respiratory system:
*  bronchodilatants;
*  16 medicines for treating diseases of the bone and muscular system:
*  non-steroid anti-rheumatics;
*  19 diagnostics and contrast substances;
As well as:
*  baby milk cheese (long-lasting)
*  baby food cooking oil
*  biscuits (sweet and salty) sugar
*  spreads (sweet and salty) salt
*  disposable diapers rice
*  canned meat and fish beans
*  pre-prepared meals pasta
*  milk powder preserved vegetables
*  dry yeast flour
The following items are also necessary:
*  detergents tents
*  soaps beds
*  toothpaste and brushes sleeping bags
*  hairshampoo bed linen
*  blankets
*  towels
*  jerry cans
*  oil lamps
*  candles

We are deeply convinced that all friends and people of good will around
the world will demonstrate their humane solidarity with the victims of the
brutal and unjustified agression on the people of Yugoslavia.

For all details concerning relief, please contact round the clock phone
numbers: ++38111 623-564 and ++38111 624-189;
You may send your messages on fax numbers: ++38111 622-965 and ++38111 624-144 E-mail: jckbgd@EUnet.yu.
Financial resources in foreign currency could be sent from abroad in
the following way: Intermediary:
UBS SA /Geneva/ Switzerland: Case postale 2770
1211 Geneve 2 Yugoslav Red Cross account: CO- 142,798.0 CHF 142,798.1 USD
142,798.2 DEM  or through intermediary:
Commerzbank AG Frankfurt am Main, FR Germany Swift : COBADEFF
Account with Institution: /400887119600 US$, EUR/ /400887119601 DEM/
Beneficiary customer: /3011284-025/ 7024690 Identification number of final beneficiary Yugoslav Red Cross supports entirely the peacefull efforts of its country within its humanitarian mandate. It will act in accordance with the interests of people and all human beings who are the victims of the
NATO aggression. In this way, Yugoslav Red Cross will continue to be devoted to the Fundamental Principles of the Movement.

Belgrade. The Executive Committee of the Yugoslav Red Cross

April 9th, 1999