Imperialist Cleansing

Imperialist Cleansing

The semantic invention of the formula "ehtnic cleansing" has allowed the imperialists to mount all kinds of provocations, manipulate reality, provoke confrontations, create "made in the CIA" guerrilla movements, intoxicate public opinion, repeating slogans to the point of saturation in the way the Nazis did, concoct images, and to blame their own massacres on a previously demonised enemy, particularly in the Balkans.
All this in order to push foward their imperialist war of aggression and extermination against nations because of economic, strategic or political reasons which they try to cover up in every way.

In order not to go on at too much length, we will pick out just five of the imperialist nations which are taking part in the incalculable crimes against Yugoslavia, including Kosovo: The USA, Britain, Germany, France and Spain. Historically, these are five good examples, which have carried out the most horible racist crimes known to history.

The more racist and criminal they have been, the more hypocrisy they show. Each one of these powers has carried out some of the greatest genocides committed in the whole of history, which constitute the greatest examples of "ethnic cleansing" that humanity has ever undergone. The consquences of the blood cleansing of the Inquisition, with its tortures, crimes, robbery and mass expulsions of Jews and Arabs, are still felt today. But ethnic cleansing is, and has always been, an excuse, a racist ideological fabrication in order to achieve economic ends, fundamentally dedicated to wars, to new genocides, and new conquests.

The conquest of the Americas and the extermination of the native population was not financed by the jewels of Queen Isabel, but rather through the gold stolen from the Jews by the Catholic Kings, in the same way that the jewelery and gold teeth of the Jews of the Holocaust went to pay for the fuel for the "Panzers" and the airforce of Hitlers army.
The history of the British empire is the history of a sustained genocide which was carried out over centuries against races which they considered to be inferior to themselves. And the USA and human rights? There is not a single human right in that country which is not vilated on a massive scale every day, above all against American Indians, Blacks and Latin Americans. The Death Rows in the gringo jails are a cruel and flagrant example of "ethnic cleansing" through the most convenient method after long years of physical and psychological torture.

What does Spain carry out every day in the Straits of Gibraltar if not imperialist tasks of "ethnic cleanising" on behalf of the old racist, colonialist and imperialist Europe.

And what has Spain been doing since the year of 1936 in the Basque Country torturing, imprisoning and shooting or assassinating the sons and daughters of the Basque people for the sole reason that they want freedom and independence? Today there are more than 800 Basque political prisoners in Spanish jails, some having already served more than 20 years, with the majority being at the other end of the peninsular, in inuman conditions while their families and friends are obliged to make long and exhausting journeys in order to visit them.

Is this not ethnic cleansing and the violation of all human rights and all the rights of a people?

Why does Spain support the Kosovar "guerrilla" created by the CIA and well known in Eastern Europe and the Middle East as a group of drug dealers and white slavery? (see the Spanish magazine, Tiempo, of February 23, 1999).

Recently very reliable Algerian sources of information claimed that Afghan Talibans are providing military and religious instructors as well as arms supplies to the "guerrilla" of Kosovo, adding (and this is confirmed by numerous correspondents of the European press) that Albania has been converted into an international centre of islamic fundamentalism, drug and vice mafias and the traffic of armsin exchange for heroin, all with the blessing of the yankees and their Nato.

Who raised their voice against the massive crimes of the Algerian military junta which is supported by the yankees and the French, when it drowned the democratic process in blood in 1991, provoking a long, dirty and cruel war which has cost more than 100,000 lives and more than 20,000 disappeared? Who said anything when just a few days ago they withdrew all the candidates in the presidential elections, and the military junta's candidate was elected "unanimously" in a new and blatant electoral fraud? Of course, since Algerian oil and gas have been securedfor Europe through a transational which holds 80 per cent ofthe stake in the Algerian companies which exploit this resource, the imperialists have nothing to fear. Besids, Algeria is complying with the IMF and social and political cleansing in the countryside, in order to facilitate cheap labour power needed by future industries.

In this area, the history of France, linked to massacres in Algeria and in all the dominions and colonies which it has had, is as bad as any.
And we won't mention anything about the racist past and present of the other members of this distinguished international fascist club known as Nato.

For its part, the Turkish airforce, which belongs to Nato, is continuing inthese days to bombard Kurdish refugee camps in those zones through which the yankee-German oil and gas pipeline, which comes from Baku, will pass, while the ground forces are systemmatically completing the ethnic and political cleansing of the Kurds with the support and the apllause of the US and Nato.

These imperialists, when they had the Balkans - an area which is so well appreciated by the yankees and the Germans because of its economic and military strategic position - within their reach at the end of the 1980s, plotted and used all means in order to destabilise, break up and divide the Yugoslav Federation, which was an example of peaceful co- existence of different cultures and ethnic and religious groups.

They employed all the old, well-known tactics, manipulations and provocations used by the Nato powers in their long colonialist and imperialist histories, which the advantage this time of moving together under the single and unquestionable command of the yankee imperialists, masters of these criminal and genocidal methods. The ones who are really responsible for carrying out ethnic cleansing in the Balkans are the USA and Nato. The greatest cleansing they have carried out, and which they are continuing with, is the one directed against the Serbs, and they have carried out other criminal acts of cleansing, including the one being carried out at this time against the people of Kosovo. With the bombings, they are razing Kosovo to the ground, with the aim of provoking a mass exodus in terrible conditions in order then to pass off the images of their own crimes as an act of "ethnic cleanising" by the Serbs.
But they have unmasked themselves, bombarding with missiles five Kosovar-Albanian columns which did not want to stay in Albania and which were returning to Yugoslavia. The Kosovar-Albanians are just as much victims of the USA and Nato as the Serbs. And the Kosovar "guerrilla", formed by the CIA and other services with the Albanian mafia involved in drug trafficking and white slavery, have from the first day been the instrument of the USA and Nato. More than one European newspaper and magazine have denounced them, giving all kinds of evidence. Interpol has admitted that the "Albanians from Kosovo who make up the "guerrilla" control the greaterpart of the heroin trade - approximately 80 per cent - in Swutzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Norway, Poland and Belgium." This is the reality, which for certain contains nothing new, as this is what imperialism has been doing all over the world from the moment it emerged.

In this affair no-one is innocent: Clinton, Blair, Schroeder, D'Alema, Jospin, Aznar, Clark and their errand boy Solana, etc ... know full well what is happening over there since they occipued Albania last year and isolated it from the world for some months.

And they know very well that they have invented and are directing the third way: that of those who are ambiguous, neutral, the double- crossers, in short those who have as their slogan: "Neither Nato nor Milosevic! They constitute the imperialists rearguard, those who cover for their criminal aggression, all in "good faith". This third way is committing a war crimes as the accomplice of imperialist aggression when they take as genuine the false argument about "ethnic cleansing", fabricated by the aggressors in order to justify their constant 24 hours a day war crimes before global public opinion. And those who allow themselves to be pulled by this third way ought to think about the damage that they are doing to the anti-imperialist cause and the benefit they are giving to the criminal policies of these monsters.

48 hours ago the USA-Nato fascist international said that "this war will be a long, difficult and dirty war."

When an international people's tribunal judges them, none of them will be able to claim ignorance, nor that they "had to obey". In each case, they have already secured their place in history on the side of the great tyranies and genocides.

Hypocritical criminals who spout on about "ethnic cleansing" while they launched tons and tons of bombs and missiles armed with depleted, but highly radio-active uranium against people who will not surrender to their imperial designs, and also against people they say they are going to liberate!

Is the death of millions of children in the third world through lack of food, medicines, through imperialist embargoes and aggression not the greatest ethnic cleansing in the history of humanity?

They are the men of war, responsible for massive genocides and all acts of ethnic, political and social cleansing that there have been and which there are today all over the world since the start of the capitalist system and above all since the development of imperialism.

There is only one guilty party: imperialism.
There is only one fundamental task: to get rid of it.
There are no third ways! The third way is the shield of imperialism!


Barcelona April 19 1999