Solidarity with ZASTAVA workers

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The biggest industrial complex in Yugoslavia, Car factory "Zastava" have been completly destroyed by NATO aggressors. "Zastava" had 38000 workers and about 60000 workers in supporting industry. A whole town Kragujevac depends on that factory. Now it is obvius that main targets in Yugoslavia are industrial complex. Imperialists are trying to recue our industry to stone age. But they do not know one fact. Our industy is made up by people after II w.w. When we beat this neofashists, we will build up our industry again.  You can find images about NATO attacks on this civil target on

We are calling all Communist parties to give support to Zastava workers. Workers of Zastava raised first red flag on Balkan, in 1872.

Altrought NATO commanders deny any loses in seventeen days long campaign, here
are some pictures to prove that this claims are pure lie. You can find pictures
"stealth dead bags" in Greece on


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