Christian Easter Sunday in Yugoslavia

Sunday 11 April

At around 8 p.m. last night, NATO planes razed Liberty Bridge across the Danube in Novi Sad, and they also hit May 25 Bridge which connects Backa Palanka with the Croatian bank of the Danube.

Last night, NATO planes also bombed Yugoslavia's capital. According to the Belgrade Public Alert Centre, at 4:30 a.m., hit was the thermo-power station in New Belgrade's block 70. Security officer Slobodan Trisic was killed.
The Serbian President underlined that the nation in Yugoslavia was now more united than ever although it is attacked by three hundred aircraft on a daily basis which are claimed to be attacking only military goals. However, their targets are also hospitals, schools, bridges, factories. There is a great deal of destruction and the greatest damage is inflicted to the population.

In Pancevo, a town on the outskirts of Belgrade, NATO aircraft hit the oil refinery at 4:30 a.m.. Two employees were killed and four injured. Hit was the refinery's power supply station, stated the NIS oil refinery of Pancevo. According to the mining and power supply minister, Zivota Cosic, the employees of the Pancevo oil refinery have taken all measures to avert an ecological disaster.

The target of NATO bombing were also educational institutions and administration buildings in Belgrade.

The victims of the NATO aggression were also Bogutovac near Kraljevo, Cacak, Smederevo... A NATO aircraft's tank fell into the yard of the Prijepolje kindergarten early this morning, whereas another tank was found in the village of Dusmancici.

In Kosovo-Metohija, Albanian terrorists fiercely attacked the region of Pec municipality throughout last night. All the attacks were successfully repelled. At 1 p.m. today, NATO aviation bombed the region of Klina in the southern Serbian province.
There is no information so far about possible victims and material damage.
Minister Jovanovic said that from the outset of the aggression on March 24, thousands of tons of bombs have been dropped on Yugoslav towns, villages, refugee camps, schools, hospitals, bridges, cultural and historic monuments, religious facilities, factories, agricultural farms, privately-owned houses and other civilian targets.
Jovanovic said that the civilian casualties and suffering are dramatically increasing with an everyday escalation of the bombings, particularly destructive and tragic are the consequences of the bombing of downtown Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pristina, Cacak and others. Nato aggressors caused a umanitarian disaster with their bombs and missiles and strings of refugees from Kosovo-Metohija, as a consequence of the aggression, are used by the western media to justify the crimes and further escalation of the aggression threatening to claim new lives. Over the past days, Nato has
deliberately bombing ethnically pure Albanian villages in order to cause even greater wave of refugees, increase a humanitarian disaster and ensure public support for spreading the criminal aggression, Yugoslav Foreign Minister Ziva.

The military alliance, claiming to be the strongest in the world, is mercilessly and without a trace of soldierly honor, attacking civilian targets with the obvious intention to increase the damage and cause greater sufferings of the citizens of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The demolition of bridges, schools, factories and hospitals, the destruction of residential facilities and town infrastructures are these vandals' only effects Saturday

The Serbian Commissioner for Refugees, Bratislava Morina, has told Tanjug that "the criminals of NATO and the United States, who call themselves humanitarians, on Friday night destroyed the joint facility for 700,000 refugees - the building of the Commission for Refugees, and they are now left without a home and without a home-country.

Half of the Commission's building, which is right next to the building of the Republican Interior Ministry, was blown up in Friday night's criminal NATO attack.
Only two hours before the explosion, part of the employees were in the building, tending to around 500 new displaced persons, who have arrived from Kosovo-Metohija, Morina said. She asked whether "Mrs.Ogata would now build a new facility and address an appeal for offering assistance to the 700,000 refugees whom Serbia had accommodated over all these past years, and who were no longer of any interest to the UN High Commission and the international community. Morina pointed out that Friday night's attack by the aggressor NATO and US forces against Belgrade represented a direct attack on all refugees in Belgrade, which is an unprecedented crime.

In last night's Nato strike against downtown Belgrade a large quantity of valuable archival material housed in one of the state buildings bombed was damaged and this is an irretrievable loss for all: FR Yugoslavia, former Yugoslav republics, the world, science, culture and humankind, said the director of the Yugoslav Archives, Jovan Popovic.

According to him, the destroyed archival material was housed in that building which was believed to be far safer but last night's insane Nato strikes dealt a blow to the international archival world, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and all figures of the archival activity, culture and science".

In the barbaric air strikes against Yugoslavia, NATO criminals are using "BLU/97 AB" cluster bombs which are banned under all international conventions, domestic and foreign journalists were told at the Yugoslav Army Press Centre today.

In question is, as was pointed out, an inhumane weapon for inflicting massive losses in manpower, as 20 to 30% of the unloaded bombs remain on the ground for subsequent explosions which the civilian population is exposed to. The bomb is intended primarily for the discovered manpower, and then for vehicles and other technical equipment, as well as building facilities.

The main Iraqi oil production control station was destroyed last night in US and British air-strikes, said the spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

US and British aircraft carried out a cowardly aggression and destroyed the main control station for the production of crude oil in the Gulf, said the spokesman for the ministry.

At the same time, targeted was Stari Trg near Kosovska Mitrovica. The banned cassette-bombs were used in the strikes. Minor material damage was inflicted on the military facilities, whereas a number of civilian facilities was damaged. There are no wounded among the Yugoslav Army members.

Tanjug reports that the NATO aggressor plane which took off from the direction of Macedonia, launched missiles on the TV transmitter on Mt. Cvilen above Prizren at 11:45. In the bombing of Nogavac village near Orahovac last night, one person was killed and another died of the sustained injuries. Both persons are of Albanian nationality. Another six Albanians were seriously wounded in the attack. The head of Prizren hospital's surgical ward was wounded by cassette-bomb shells.

Cassette-bombs were also used in the attacks on Serb villages near Slatina airport, belonging to Lipljan municipality. There are no casualties, but great material damage was inflicted. The radar on the Goles radio transmitter was slightly damaged.

In the cassette-bomb attack on Vrelo and Magura, inhabited by Serbs and Albanians, ten people were wounded, Serbian Radio and Television reported.

Aggressor planes flew over Mt. Prokletije last night, which the ethnic Albanian terrorist gangs used for constant attacks on the security bodies, especially in the villages of Pec municipality.

It was also stressed that the aggerssor had planned and created a humanitarian catastrophe in an attempt to justify the continuation of its aggression and its monstrous consequences before the eyes of the world public. The target of Nato attacks were most often civilian facilities, which attests to the genocidal nature of the aggression.
The Yugoslav government has authorized the Yugoslav Ministry for Labour, Health-care and Social Welfare to co-ordinate the reception of international humanitarian aid due to the humanitarian disaster caused by an aggression against this country.

The Ministry's telephone numbers are 311-76-26 (which is also its fax number), 691-332 and 602-522. All foreign donors who wish to aid FR Yugoslavia can make their contributions in hard currency to the account opened with the Komercijalna Banka AD Beograd whose number is 57920-7455321. A special account is envisaged for contributions in Dinars and its number is:


So far, 2,000 tons of bombs have been dropped on Yugoslavia, including bombs banned by international conventions,

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Yugoslav government called on all the citizens of Kosovo-Metohija not to leave their homes, native towns and country despite bombs, missiles and other death-dealing loads discharged by Nato on Kosmet and the whole of FR Yugoslavia.
The aggressor wished to cause a disaster and suceeded in this, a statement from the Yugoslav Information Ministry said, in order for the consequences of his aggression to be used to justify the aggression and crimes before the world public. The Yugoslav government especially calls on the Kosmet Albanians not to leave but to stick together in these hard times and help curb the aggression. There is no place only for the terrorists and murderers in Serbia and Yugoslavia,
 In Pristina, the first missiles fell in the vicinity of the village of Lukare at one o'clock a.m. Six aggressor planes which came from the direction of Albania, pounded the district by cassette-bombs banned by international war-time law. Immediately after that, two missiles hit the vicinity of the monastery of Gracanica but there are no reports of any fresh damage to the monastery. The missiles hit the village of Grmije and Saskovac populated mostly by Albanians as well as Novi Badovac with the majority Serbian population.
One of the missiles fell in the vicinity of Urosevac. In the course of the strike, two cruise missiles were downed, Tanjug reports. Nato aircraft bombed Pec on Wednesday. Two bombs
hit the
vicinity of the village of Belo Polje populated exclusively by the Serbs. There are no reports of possible casualties. Aggressor aircraft struck military targets in the broader Belgrade region at 3 o'clock a.m. In the vicinity of Mt Avala and Pancevo, the enemy aviation dropped mines with long-acting effect causing strong, muffled blasts but no flash. The detonations which could be heard in downtown Belgrade were caused by the activities of the Yugoslav Army's anti-aircraft defence, the City Public Alert Center announced.

A missile that fell in the village of Jelasnica near Vladicin Han but did not explode, inflicted damage on the nearby church and buildings, the bishop of Vranje, Pahomije, told Tanjug.

In an onslaught on the Sloboda factory of Cacak on March 28 and 30, the factory was completely destroyed and five thousand workers remained without their jobs. The material damage figure is put at more than 300 million US Dollars, the director general of the factory said on Wednesday.

Two blasts were heard in the broader region of Novi Sad at 15.45 and 15.55 hours on Wednesday. It has not been officially announced as to what kind of activities by Nato aviation is in question.

In a statement to Radio Yugoslavia, Secretary General of the Yugoslav Red Cross Rade Dubajic stressed that the situation in Kosovo-Metohija was especially difficult, since the Red Cross building in Pristina was damaged during the barbarian strikes of NATO bombers.
This has caused great problems in deliveries, storage and further distribution of humanitarian aid to the afflicted population of the southern Serbian province. The aid is distributed to all, regardless of their nationality. Dubajic said that the situation was also aggravated by the fact that almost all international humanitarian organizations had withdrawn from Kosovo-Metohija. The actions of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the UNHCR and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) are limited since the donations have been reduced, but they have left their supplies at the disposal of the Yugoslav Red Cross. All major cities in Yugoslavia have become targets of NATO's insane attacks, so that the endangered population is increasing daily. For this reason, the Yugoslav Red Cross has sent an appeal to all Yugoslavs in the world, all people of good will, as well as humanitarian organizations to help Yugoslavia in this difficult moment.
The Yugoslav Red Cross reserves are insufficient, so that every kind of aid, including material, is needed. The most necessary are food, medicaments, blankets, hygiene products, clothes and footwear, it is said in the appeal of the Yugoslav Red Cross. So far, aid has been offered by Red Cross organizations of Republika Srpska, Macedonia, Romania and Germany, the
Swiss Disaster Aid Organization, as well as by a large number of citizens. The Secretary General of the Yugoslav Red Cross stressed that concrete instructions for sending humanitarian aid to Yugoslav citizens can be obtained at all diplomatic missions of FR Yugoslavia in the world.


On the sixth day of the strike against Yugoslavia, Nato aircraft targeted with cassette-bombs, which are banned by international conventions, the village of Koretiste in the municipality of Gnjilane and the village of Vrbovac and Mogila near Kosovska Vitina.

400 missiles launched from ships in the Adriatic and strategic bombers All terrorists wore NATO's uniforms or carried German flags.
Yugoslav border guards on Monday hindered a group of around 50 terrorists from illegally crossing over to this country from Albania at the Djakovica border crossing, Serbian Radio and Television reports.

It is stated that, in the clash, Yugoslav border guards liquidated 13 terrorists and made the rest of them flee to the Albanian territory. All terrorists wore NATO's uniforms or carried German flags. Members of the Yugoslav Army seized a large quantity of arms, ammunition and military equipment.

On Monday night, Albanian terrorists carried out several attacks from heavy and light weaponry on security bodies in Decani and Pec, Tanjug reports.
On Monday evening, Albanian terrorists attacked the village of Muzevina in the municipality of Istok in Kosovo-Metohija.

The terrorists launched sniper, automatic and mortar fire on the Serbs who responded coercing the attackers to withdraw. Members of the special British military unit SAS and special forces of other Nato member-countries joined Albanian terrorists in Kosovo-Metohija, military analysts of Sky television claim. The special units set out various misinformation, falsehoods and manipulations about the situation in Kosovo-Metohija which are spread by the media throughout the western world, Tanjug reports. One of the most militant hawks in Clinton's coterie, Madeleine Albright, spoke on the phone with the notorious terrorist, for whom a warrant has been issued, Hashim Thaqi. This was confirmed by James Rubin, who described the US official's conversation with the terrorist as  "briefing", i.e. as receiving information "from the horse's mouth".
Rubin did not explain what Albright had told the terrorist who has found shelter in Albania, however, Reuters reveals that Washington's protegee has given Albright encouragement to continue the operation.
Over the past few days, Nato has applied the most advanced war technology to bomb hundreds of military and civilian facilities in FR Yugoslavia, which is unrecorded in history so far. Hospitals, schools, kindergartens, populated areas, cultural and historical monuments, religious and civilian facilities have not been spared either.

Brussels city authorities on Tuesday banned the organization of demonstrations at which the citizens publicly condemned the brutal and unprovoked NATO aggression against sovereign FR of Yugoslavia.

The Mayor of Brussels, Francois Xavier de Donnea said that the holding of public events related to the crisis in Kosmet was banned until further notice.
However, there is a mounting number of voices raised against the insane attacks against a people and an increasing number of initiatives, not only of the Yugoslav citizens, for the holding of mass protest rallies against NATO's barbarian attacks.

Macedonian Interior Minister Pavle Trojanov dressed the reservists in police uniforms so as to protect the aggressors' licentious soldiery - members of NATO from the rage of Macedonian citizens Monday

 Yugoslav Army's air force and anti-aircraft defence. . .has downed . . . three no-pilot aircraft, There was a huge explosion during the fall of the aggressor aircraft, and it is assumed that one of the bombs in the plane exploded.
Yugoslav Army frontier-guards have prevented a large group of Albanian terrorists from crossing over from Albania to this country and smuggling an enormous quantity of weapons in the region of the Mitar Vojnovic lookout post near Djakovica.

The Yugoslav border guards disbanded the group killing 13 terrorists while others fled to Albanian territory.

The terrorists were dressed in Nato uniforms or carried German flags.
Judging by the uniforms, armament and equipment, at issue was a special group of terrorists who, in the drafting of all Albanians of Kosmet in Albania under the command of Nato's aggressors, are to attack the border and compel the Yugoslav Army to react in defending the border.
Albanian terrorist gangs on Sunday evening took the advantage of a general attack on Yugoslav Army and Serbian Interior Ministry members in the region of the Kosovska Mitrovica district, Tanjug reports.

From the direction of the village of Cabar, the municipality of Zubin Potok, Albanian terrorists opened fire at Yugoslav Army members. One policeman has been reported wounded in an attack by terrorist gangs on members of the Serbian Interior Ministry in the village of Samodraz, the municipality of Vucitrn. All the attacks have been efficiently and timely responded to and the Albanian terrorist have been neutralized.
Albanian terrorist gangs attacked security forces in the municipality of Pec, Klina and Decani on Sunday night. The police and army repelled the attacks.
Around thousand of citizens of Kumanovo and the nearby villages blocked with their tractors and trucks a Nato military unit stationed at the foot of the nearby Mt.Zebrnjak with a request to the Nato alliance soldiers to immediately leave that area. After the several-hours long siege thousands of Nato soldiers and around 40 vehicles left Zebrnjak since there was fear that the enraged villagers and the citizens of Kumanovo might lynch them. 'Klinton's killers' was shouted after the Nato soldiers, mostly Frenchmen, as they, humiliated and afraid, were leaving the Zebrnjak district which entered the Serbian textbooks in 1912 as a site of the Kumanovo Battle.
The Greek government has decided not to allow the use of the port of Thessaloniki for the transport of Turkish soldiers in Macedonia.

According to Greek Information Minister Dimitras Repas, at a meeting of the state council on the situation in Kosovo-Metohija, it was concluded that Turkey was taking part in the Nato air-raid campaign against Yugoslavia and that the government in Athens, as a member country of the alliance, would not approve military operations from its territory against sovereign Yugoslavia.

Today again, for the sake of insane imperialist ideas in the region of Yugoslavia, women, children and the elderly are being killed. Also killed and crippled are innocent people and destroyed are material and spiritual goods. Targeted are civilian facilities in towns and villages. The missiles which fell on country yards, tens of kilometers far from any military facility in the village of Besnik in northern Montenegro killed innocent civilians, women and children. Many people near Danilovgrad living far from the barracks bombed on several occasions, sustained serious injuries. A number of the locals of the villages in the vicinity of the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, and throughout Serbia had the same fate. Being used are cassette-bombs filled with a number of mines with time-set ignition banned in all sorts of operations, including military. These bombs are falling on Yugoslavia killing civilians.

The barbarity of Nato is confirmed hour after hour. A civilian hospital in Nis was destroyed as well as more than thirty schools throughout the country. Students and pupils in Nis, Prokuplje, Leskovac and several towns in Kosovo-Metohija and across the country remained without schools, pupils' and students' homes and faculties. The target of the criminal bombing campaign were also residential facilities. In the vicinity of Kraljevo and Arandjelovac, tens of privately-owned houses were destroyed or damaged.
Bombs also fell on the memorial in Kragujevac, the site where German fascists killed more than seven thousand people including three hundred pupils. In this city today and all other cities in the country, several-month old infants, young children, the sick and elderly spend days and nights in shelters and cellars to protect themselves from Nato bombs.
All of them do not go out of shelters since Nato aircraft discharge their deadly loads every hour or two.

One of the latest lies of masters of deceit of Washington, London, Bonn and Paris is that Nato is bombing only military targets while bombs are falling every place where civilians live and work. Not even churches and monasteries have been spared. Also exposed to tomahawk assaults is the 6-centuries-old monastery of Gracanica in Kosovo-Metohija. This gem of Serbian spirituality in Kosovo-Metohija which is under UNESCO's protection has also been toured by Richard Holbrooke most probably to give co-ordinates for its destruction.

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