Nato targeted civilians! REACT NOW!!!


Dear comrads,

I will try to report you about results of recent NATO artocities.

1. NATO was not able to crush Yuigoslav air defence in past days. Air defence is consolidated and first result was shoted F-117 "night falcon" stealth fighter-bomber. Pilot is captured in Centa, north of belgrade by angry pesents but police forces unfortunately saved his life. Three more planes was shoted down yesterday.

2. During the night, attacs on Belgrade was done by B-2 stealth bomber. It is proof thet NATO sustained heavy loses - they are forced to bomb from high altitudes with stealth bombers which limited their attack potential.

3. South subrubs of city was targeted. Bot military and civilian targets was aimed. One rocket fuel dump was destroyed nearby village Sremcica. Centre for Informations and Alarming gave signal for chemichal danger because of gases than can be in the atmosphere because explosion. In this situation , people stayd very calm. I was in the shelte in that moment and I was also very surprised by calm and firm reactiom.

4. According to the report of republic Headquarter for information and a Alarming. about 10 schools was hited yesterday durnig the day. City hospital in Nis, 200 km south of belgrade was hited by two TOMAHAWK missles. Only miracle saved doctors and 36 patients that sustained only slight woundeds.

5. This shows two thing. On the first place, NATO attacs was very unsucessful. They was unable to destroy air defence system in first days of was as the was planning to do. Second, and the most important thing is that people of Yugoslavia, not only Serbs, but Gypses, Turks, Hungarians, Slovaks and others also, decidet to defend Yugoslavia. Wer are ready for long war if it is neccesery. Parole is NO PASARAN.

6. We are asking all communist and progresive organisations to increase presure on NATO goverments. Please join any demonstrations contra NATO that are organised in you town. If there are no demonstrations yet, please organise it by youself.

7. Attack on Yugoslavia is attack on international system of security established after second world war. It is brutal aggresion on one sovereign state that didn't attac neither one neighbour.

8. Newest news. Workers of Zastava car and gun factory in Kragujevac, 170 km south of Belgrade, decide to stay and work in the factory all the time. They send a message to all NATO goverments and they warned them that attack on the factory will bring wast devastation and huge number of civilian casulities.

9. If communist parties want to send volunteers, thay can contact nearest Yugoslav embassy. They will provide further instructions. Our struggle is struggle against fashisme.

10. Please distribute this message to everybody you know. We can't keep our mouth shout. We have opportunity to archive the first victory of the people against NATO pact.


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