It is never wrong to do the right thing [Al Bundy] - Save the Resistance! - Against a surveillance society and security hysteria

In the last few years "Internal Security" has been talked about a lot.
Where before the Bolshevist Eastern Bloc or, vice versa, the imperialist class enemy were the danger for internal security, nowadays the discourse about the "Internal Security" is being kept up with the help of other enemies. The "flood of asylum seekers" was met effectively already in 1993 by changing basic rights, but this couldn't stop the German population's fear of everything strange, so that the laws continued to be changed in a racist way, and more people became victims of the racist initiatives of some Germans. But the internal security is in danger everywhere: the "Albanian drug mafia", "Rumanian rings of smugglers", "Polish car racketeers", "young people always ready to use violence", "tramps", "scrawlers", "autonomous people".
There had to be new laws: bugging operation, stricter police laws for the federal states, more police rights, general right to check people, preventive detention, cutting down of the right to demonstrate, CCTV in public places, prosecution of kids who skip a day at school by the police, gene data banks, travel restrictions for hooligans, etc.

CameraBut we have realised that the old term "surveillance state" doesn't cover the phenomenon. It's not only the state that norms and controls people, excludes them and opposes to them. The security hysteria is represented by many parts of the society. So we should rather concentrate on the surveillance society.

Nowadays it's not obviously the absolute state or the bourgeoisie of 150 years ago that oppose to the dreams of a society without rulers. Conditions of oppression and power are being reproduced all the way throughout society. In families, at school or university, at work, in the army, etc. Those who can't or won't fulfil certain criteria and refuse to take prepared roles are the ones who have to suffer. Male, white, heterosexual, hard-working, disciplined and healthy are the best criteria for success.
Old and new disciplining techniques make up a complex control system which it is hard to escape from as an individual. The hard regime of learning, living and working that became perfect in the working pace of assembly lines is nowadays replaced or completed by methods that function without the subservience of slaves, especially if the participants take actively part. And it is well known that most people do actually take part because they don't know any better from their families, schools or universities. Team work, social work, dress code etc. are regulating the conformity and readiness to perform and suggest equality and freedom at the same time. But this is not everything surveillance society is about.

CameraA huge part of identity is nowadays being nourished from the ability and security to consume. It doesn't come by surprise that surveillance is developing especially fast, ideologically and technically, in the fields of consumption and securing properties. Poverty disturbs. Nobody wants to see it in the shiny shopping centres or be threatened with it. The fear to fall into poverty makes people adapt to society even more in order to be part of it. Capitalism creates different levels of possession. This causes conflicts which are prevented by repressive means. Today security partnerships between businesses, police and private security services are part of the city centres, as the Schengen Treaty is part of Europe in order to protect it from people that are not desired because of their poverty. We want to remind of the Schengen Information System (SIS), 90% of which consist in data about persons who are not wanted in Europe and which is being completed and used by all kinds of authorities, police and the army.

CameraModern marketing as an expression of imparting identities and values in the economic system of capitalism also contributes to pushing values. Consumption and possession determine the level of the social position and mean security and satisfaction.
However, not only purchasing power and possession but also a number of traditional values and identity pattern contribute to the growing security hysteria. In schools in Saxony it has been reintroduced to eveluate order, discipline, diligence and cooperation, also called 'German secondary values'. This hysteria creates an identity, and those who can't or refuse to fulfil the criteria are victims. This way, surveillance society reflects economic, institutionalised and ideologised power conditions.

CameraThis social reality also affects the radical left. We are a danger to the security and order of this society. Because the image of a society without rulers is basically questioning capitalism, patriarchy and the fatherland. In the end it is not about defending liberal positions such as the freedom of the individual, but about not allowing that the room for us to act gets smaller.
It is not intended to talk intentions to act into the ground. Even if surveillance society is very complex, some places of power and order are still easy to localise. The state, police and citizen's initiatives for more order and security are there to attack. But we have to keep in mind social conditions in general in order to fight more than just some phenomena. It has to be proved that the politics of security and surveillance hysteria are possible to attack.

Save the Resistance!
Against capitalism - for an emancipatory society without rulers!

In cooperation: the Bündnis gegen Rechts Leipzig (BGR) and the Antifaschistischem Frauenblock Leipzig (AFBL). Supporting the kampagne of reclaiming puplic places.

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