In February 1998, movements from all continents met in Geneva to launch a worldwide coordination of resistances to the global market, a new alliance of struggle and mutual support called Peoples' Global Action against "Free" Trade and the World Trade Organisation (PGA). This platform, defined by the PGA hallmarks, manifesto and organisational principles, is an instrument for communication and coordination for all those fighting against the destruction of humanity and the planet by capitalism, and for building alternatives. These documents have evolved during subsequent conferences, in particular to take a clearly anti-capitalist (not just anti-neoliberal) stand, to avoid confusion with right-wing anti-globalisers and to strengthen the perspective on gender.

So far, PGA's major activity has been coordinating decentralised Global Action Days around the world to highlight the global resistance of popular movements to capitalist globalisation. The first Global Action Days, during the 2nd WTO ministerial conference in Geneva in May 1998 involved tens of thousands in more than 60 demonstrations and street parties on five continents. Subsequent Global Action Days have included those against the G8 (June 18/1999), the 3rd WTO summit in Seattle (November 30/1999), the World Bank meeting in Prague (September 26/2000), the 4th WTO summit in Qatar (November 2001), etc..

Decentralised mobilisations have in turn inspired ever stronger central demonstrations. From the first mobilisation in Geneva, direct action was taken to block the summits, as this was considered the only form of action that could adequately express the necessity, not to reform, but to destroy the instruments of capitalist domination.

Groups involved in PGA have also organised Caravans, regional conferences, workshops and other events in many regions of the world. Since Geneva, PGA conferences have been held in Bangalore, India (1999), and Cochabamba, Bolivia (2001).

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