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S26 will be the next Global Day of Action against Capitalism

Already, many groups around the world are preparing for this event, in recognition that the capitalist system, based on the exploitation of people, societies and the environment for the profit of a few, is the prime cause of our social and ecological troubles.

September 26-28 the IMF and World Bank are holding their 55th annual summit in Prague. A mass mobilisation of people to Prague is beginning. On September 26 peoples of the world will express their opposition to the World Bank and the IMF and their policies. Peoples of the world will join together in an expression of solidarity with the demonstrators in Prague.

European grassroots groups have met recently and are planning a European wide mobilisation to Prague and also decentraslised action. The idea has been discussed and supported by several Latin American movements which met in Nicaragua recently. The Indian 'National Alliance of People's Movements' issued a statement, just before the A16 protests in Washington, which you can read here. More messages from round the world are on the Calls to Action page.

The September 26 Global Day of Action proceeds from the successes of the previous global Days of Action against Capitalism on June 18 and November 30 of last year and May 1 of this year. S26 expands on these previous Days in the same spirit. Through those Days our networks grew, we learned much, and we saw many new people engage themselves. September 26 will continue this process of building up a strong, bold, and creative grassroots movement for a society in which people do not exploit or oppress each other, communities or the environment, but one that is based on solidarity, co-operation, grassroots democracy, and ecological sustainability.

As on previous occasions, people of different movements and different countries will join forces on this day against the social, political, and economic institutions of the capitalist system - in particular against the World Bank and the IMF.

Workers, the unemployed, students, trade unionists, peasants, the landless, fishers, women groups, ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples, peace activists, environmental activists, ecologists, and so on will work in solidarity with one another in the understanding that their various struggles are not isolated from each other. The simultaneous occupation and transformation of the capitalist social order around the globe - in the streets, neighbourhoods, fields, factories, offices, commercial centres, financial districts, and so on - will strengthen mutual bonds at the local, national, and international levels.

As before, the day will be organised in a non-hierarchical way, as a decentralised and informal network of grassroots groups that employ non-authoritarian, grassroots democratic forms of organisation, struggle independent of the social, political, and economic institutions of the capitalist system, and seek to effect change directly through their own action. Each event or action will be organised autonomously by each group, while coalitions of various movements and groups can be formed at the local, regional, and national levels. A strategy that may be useful at the local level is that various groups co-operate in creating a surrounding atmosphere of carnival and festivity as a setting for their various actions.

Examples of conceivable actions are: strikes - demonstrations - critical mass bike rides - carnivals - street parties - reclaiming streets, government land or office buildings for non commercial and good activities - marches - music - dancing - speeches - handing out flyers - banner hangings - distributing community controlled newspapers - street theatre - building gardens - handing out free food - mock trade fairs - offering no interest loans outside major banks - solidarity actions - pickets - occupations of offices - blockades and shutdowns - appropriating and disposing of luxury consumer goods - sabotaging, wrecking, or interfering with capitalist infrastructure - appropriating capitalist wealth and returning it to the working people - declaring oneself independent from capitalism and authoritarian governments - setting up grassroots' community councils and holding meetings outside city halls - setting up economic alternatives, like workers' co-operatives - promoting economic alternatives to capitalist companies - promoting grassroots based forms of community organisation - etc.

If you or your group plan to join this day of action, please let others know as soon as possible, to facilitate networking and communication. There are several international mailing lists available for open discussions and co-ordination (see resources).

A public international contacts list is regularly posted to them in order to facilitate decentralized and non-hierarchic networking. To have your contact information added to it, please contact resistance@x21.org, indicating (a) the country and location in which you plan to take action, plus any other information you see fit, for instance (b) the name of your group, coalition or yourself, (c) the events or actions being planned, (d) your land address, (e) email address, (f) telephone number, (g) fax number or (h) web site.

There are many things we need to do, to make the best of September 26 at the global, local, and national levels. We need to spread information about it among as many suitable groups and movements as possible. We need to spread and share propaganda materials, such as leaflets and posters. And, in general, we need to share our experiences, thoughts and ideas with one other and help each other out. At the local level, information about the day needs to be spread and discussed among groups and individuals, meetings need to be organised, events planned, leaflets printed and distributed, funds raised, laughter and conversation shared.

The process of building up our movements can and should be continued through further global days of action against capitalism in the future.

Any "enquiries" or concerns about the September 26 global day of action should be directed to other activists in the group, city, country or on the various mailing lists, for us to mutually help each other with ideas and advise. There is no-one in charge or pulling the strings for the day. It will be a radically decentralised and non-hierarchic event entirely of our own creation in co-operation and solidarity with one another.

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