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Samba blockade on the A9
Another Sambatista | 20.07.2005 10:26 – http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/07/318901.html

This is a follow-up report on what happened to a group of blockading sambatistas on the A9 where the report http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/07/317496.html finishes

Well, the story continued: After splitting up, we went on next to the A9. There was a group close by surrounded by police. So we went there to play. The cops didn't want us there, but we didn't care. Nevertheless we tried to get into contact and ask what the matter was, but the group was - at this time - in good mood and cheered. As we got to know later on they were arrested later on. But at the time it looked like we couldn't do much more. So we headed on towards Gleneagles. After walking 500m next to the A9 we somehow decided there is not enough police there, so we went back onto the A9 playing samba. Some other affinity groups joined in and the A9 was closed again. The impact wasn't too big, since there was almost no traffic going anymore anyway. Nevertheless we recognized a delegate car behind some police cars. Well, the cops came up after a while pushing us off the road. But somehow, they didn't seem to have enough staff anymore. Thus they left us up at the road walking just besides the road, blocking the left line with their cars. This way we went on until Blackfort. There we took a break, watching the police stationed in the small town (a lot of them) and some delegate cars coming in and out, often getting lost. Once we blocked such a delegate car, but as there were mostly no delegates inside the effect didn't seem too big. Nevertheless there even seemed to have been some official meeting in town.

Afterwards, the group split again, some continued to go to the demo at gleneagles and the rest including me returned to the camp, completly exhausted after walking for more than 24 hours, without sleep and much of propper food.

Someone did make some pictures of this. Maybe it would be nice to publish them here and maybe also on the german and dutch indymedia, since many germans and dutch people were with us.

Another Sambatista

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