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The small Faslane "On the Water" blockade
ab | 17.07.2005 17:31 – http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/07/318516.html

On Monday, 4th of July, during the Big Blockade at Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base, the weather was quite hot, so some people spontaneoulsy decided to add some water based actions to the road blockades.

Army boat

Base and Kajak

Base from the water

Police Academy

Rebel Kajak

DJ at the South Gate

Photo Opportunity at South Gate

Blockade at Southgate

a food kitchen was at the south gate, too

Swimming action

Swimming Supervision

water police

There are some pictures of the blockade from the South gate, as well as the base from the water.

The 2 kajaks invaded the waters of the base and were then dragged back to the beach by the water police (as far as I understood it, but I just inherited the pictures and was really tired that day!)


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