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Pictures of G8 Hillwalking Actions and "Beacons of Dissent"
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On Midday, Tuesday, 5th of July, a group set of into the hills to light the "Beacons of Dissent" - a warning fire against danger, and then also enabled people to join in th Blockade actions or the rally and the demonstration in Auchterarder.

Beacon on Blairdenon

Chinook Helicopter

Sleeping in survival bag next to remains of fire.

Sauchenwood Hill

Glen Anny


View to Blackford (and golf course) from Sauchenwood Hill

Successfull hillwalking happened as the G8 summit began.

A beacon -a warning fire- was lit on Blairdenon hill, smaller ones on other hills and many made it over the hills to the A9.

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