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Police operation in Auchteradarder
Guido | 08.07.2005 02:00 – http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/07/317352.html

How did a small town in Perthshire end up with a name that sounds like an East German interregation centre? For a few hours on wednesday it looked like one!

Plugging the breach in the fence.


Slightly outnumbered pacifist.

Journos discover the simple pleasures of being a demonstrater.

Locals welcome the goon squad.

A brief encounter.

Look mum, I'm in a chinook!

Fortunatley they were more interested in protecting the g8 than nicking anyone. Unsurprisingly it was the MET in charge as usual with the local bobbys doing the donkey work. They even got to pretend they were in the SAS when being airlifted in by military chopper.


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